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Just when one problem is solved the next one crops up.. Well I’m known to think too much abt everything and anything.. n rt now I’m thinking abt what will happen 1 year down the line… Confused??? Read on..


2006 –We were expecting our first baby. Really excited abt becoming parents!! .. n we wanted the best for her.. I wanted to work till the last month of my pregnancy (I was working till the day Lil p was born.. but that’s a different story) . Commute by bike / auto was becoming a pain in the a** , so we bought our first car.


We were staying in a dowdy rented place, which was actually ideal for a married couple (nobody wanted to come to our area).. but bcos lil p was on her way n would need a ‘nice’ home, we started searching for an apartment to buy.. The mad search ended when we saw a lovely mid sized apt in marathahalli.

It was perfect.. 3 BHK, an open kitchen, the right budget.. Close friends staying real close.. n we were hooked. We booked the flat a day before Lil P was born.. Actually I signed the papers in manipal hospital waiting for our bundle of joy to arrive the next day thro a planned c-section (another long story – some other post)

2007 –We celebrated Lil p’s 1st bday & gruhapravesh together..
Then there was this mad rush to get the perfect wardrobes, the italian kitchen .. the kinds.. It was perfect..
What we did not factor in was that my mom would have to move back to the native & Lil p would have to move to a day care very soon.. That my office would be nearly 17 kms away.. n that Lil p would get violently sick if she sat in a moving vehicle for more than 1/2 hr.. No! make that 15 mins.

2008 – So very reluctantly we decided to leave our baby (the flat, silly!). Gave it on rent and moved closer to office, day care, school & friends.. shifted to HSR. It was back to searching for a tenant, finding a suitable rental place to stay .. the day care, THE school..Slowly, this was perfect again!!

2009 – Now!! The office sends a notice that we might shift the campus to Malleshwaram next year!!


For people not familiar with bangalore – Marathahalli is bangalore east , HSR layout is bangalore south & malleshwaram is bangalore north west!!!

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  1. thats our life innit?! the only reason i am not quitting the terribly dull job i have is its closer to current home (rented ofcos, we ahvent even thought about buying one as yet!).

    but then life sorts itself out! am sure when the time comes you guys will figure it out just fine! 🙂



  2. Nice Post. If there are no such worries like this, our life will be boring. Also, seriously, there are millions of people in this world who would like to swap their worries with you.

  3. Well dear
    the good news is that
    a) you still have atleast a year to enjoy HSR
    b) there are close to 5000 folks who will share the same problem
    counting myself 🙂

    so lets see where this ride takes us…
    u bet its interesting

  4. Knowing Bangalore and its traffic, I feel your pain totally. Wishing you a smooth transition if it ends up at that.
    PS: Would it be possible to remove word verif?

  5. @mama-mia 🙂 welcome here. Congrats on ur 5th anniversary! U looked stunning as a bride! .. Ya thats life!! but just when u wish for some peace n comfort of routine.. life throws googlys at u.. hmph!!

    @lohit: I like to get my worries out of my system nice n early!! Plus the worst part of working in the same company for the last 5 years is that it makes it that much more difficult to pack ur bags n leave. 🙂 dekhte hai kya hota hai..

  6. Trotting around Bangalore – definitely not fun, cheap or easy !!!
    I empathize with you. Two hundred percent. Nightmarish.

    P.S – Time to change jobs me thinks 😉

  7. Remember that Room 10×10 story?… Realities in life 🙂

    Even then, i see some hope in the message – *might*, *next year*… so have fun till then. Life doesn’t stop here.. it continues & so do we 🙂 Change is good!

  8. Gosh! That is terrible. I hope Metro gets completed before the office moves! My sister stayed in Bangalore for 5 yrs. They stayed close to their son’s school n his father’s office. Sis had to travel long distances, but at least one parent was nearby!
    Gosh! Life in a metro is stressful!!!

  9. Aww dear hugs! Gud luck! Hope it all works out well and u r happy happy always 🙂

    Me happy with the Malleswaram part 😛
    Mom’s place is close! So easy to meet up with u then ;););)

  10. Shruti: Hugs !! I can so relate to the situation you are in. Take a deep breath and try to relax. Because then only you can think out of it. Decide what is important for you all and then decide. Try to be flexible and explorte all options. And make sure you listen to your gut feelings about the situation. Because I have been in situations where I just went by thinking by my brains and later wanted to change that.
    And believe me, things will get better, when you’ll look back at this time and say “wow, that was also a phase in life”
    And as always, Good luck and now, smile 🙂

  11. OMG!!

    Hugs! you need to travel from HSR to Malleswaram?!!

    I feel for you!
    I get tired from traveling from Whitefield to BTM in the evenings!

    Hopefully everything will work out for you and things don’t get too tough!

  12. @AJ: ya a real pain.. getting a job with all these benefits is tough. lets see 🙂

    @SG: True. There are bigger worries in the world.. but these are my worries 🙂 Once a child comes into our lives all decisions become difficult!

    @lostworld: I’ve been with my company for the last 5 years now. N i love it. All thro my pregnancy & Lil p’s growth my company has given me benefits that have helped me a lot! U are right. Its time to move on if malleshwaram is fixed.

    @Meira: 🙂 Hmm .. but would u have it any other way?? .. Time will tell. Metro will be a big relief to many i suppose!

    @Mohan: Change is scary!! :((

    @Swaram: LOL!! U know how to pep some1 up in an instant!! :p I will meet u even if u were staying at outskirts of blore.. I love malleshwaram too! I started my career from sampige rd!! n all my relatives stay there. We would have blindly gone there if it were not for Lil p ‘s school. Just paid frigging 60,000Rs. for it!!!!!!
    @Dil Se: *breathing deeply* I’ve decided I’ll just work towards updating my skill set. 1 year is a long time.. If I eventually have to change jobs, I’d rather move back to marathahalli. 🙂 Kinda like that idea.
    @pixie: Isn’t that crazy!!! malleshwaram is too far!! I can’t be that far away from Lil P. U travel from whitefield to BTM everyday!!!!! Gosh! must b tough on u too. *hugsss*

  13. ooooooh! this sounds sooo familiar. “cept that we moved out of our own house into a rented one cos of Sonny boy’s school!
    Btw, are u the certain person who called me about our house in CVRAman NAgar? You wanted one near MG Rd, u’d said. You knew me thru a common friend.