Crazy times

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I’m referring to Lil P. Lil p has always been a very disciplined child… She never put anything in her mouth even as a kid… She hated getting her hands dirty or her clothes soiled. She has the cleanliness traits of my mom… So I’m really surprised that at the age of 5 she has started “experimenting” !
Last week she put a matchstick in her ear.. and came yelping that it hurt! I was so scared that she had hurt herself really bad looking at how she was screaming. I took her twice to the doc just to be sure that nothing was hurt. Then she put  a crayon up her nose! which I could easily pull out with tweezers.. Then yesterday she put the balloon blower in her mouth and tripped off the chair and it cut her palate. Bloodied mouth, screaming P.. I gave her an ice cream to eat and it calmed her down.. But Its so scary!!! Why is she doing all this now? I am afraid that she might try something more stupid.. I caught her trying to use the sketch pen on her lips as a lipstick [ I never wear lipstick] …  I have seen her looking at the switches very curiously.. I have taped them all out but its just few days before she (easily) pulls them out.

I’m feeling guilty that maybe shez trying it to get my attention or maybe some kid in her day care tries it and shez copying them. [ Reminder to self – Talk to day care people] . I have sat her down and talked about dangerous and stupid things.. She nods her head and keeps saying sorry all the time.. But then she goes n does something more stupid.

All you mothers of naughty kids.. how are you handling it?

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  1. Arey dont worry Shruti..just a phase…please do check with the daycare.because R did or rather does a lot of crazy things thanks to the influence of other kids in teh daycare…and you did well by just explaining to her..keep doing it and she will understand…hugs to you and to Lil’P

  2. I know its scary and makes one feel helpless too at times. N has always been very active and naughty. I sometimes feel he seems to attract trouble. Luckily he stayed away from switches, plug points, knives and forks. Sometimes it is just a phase of trying out new things and testing limits. Keep passing on the message about what is ok and not ok to do – use the same tone everytime. If it gets really bad then taking away something that the child really likes along with the explanation why she is being deprived of it might help.

  3. don’t worry shruthi …as r’mom said…it is just a phase…preschool/day care is a place where they learn all good/bad habits on seeing other kids . I am too facing a similar problem with my daughter , who tries to shake her legs gripping the wall / two seats in school bus . She was hurt twice . when , i enquired about this to her , she replied ‘those two anna’s(elder kids ) do like that ‘. So , the only solution to change such habits is to teach them regularly about handling things . We(hubby and myself) have started to teach her daily at the maximium of 10 minutes to change her naughty activities.

  4. Son went thru’ this last week, and I made the mistake of paying too much attention to it, so it dragged on for a few days..he was found experimenting with scissors, drawing pins, licking the mosquito repellant plug-in thingie. AARGH! So I know the feeling!

    Best thing to do is give warnings and rebukes in a calm but disinterested way. Do some extra child-proofing for a while, and unobtrusively stay around lil P to keep her out of trouble as far as possible, until she decides you’re quite bored with her experiments and stops!!

    Oh and give her lots of positive attention…sometimes they really just want to attract attention in any way possible! I also told my son that if he couldn’t be trusted to follow rules in certain rooms in the home, then he wouldn’t be allowed into those rooms…after that he stopped poking his nose where it didn’t belong 😛


  5. @simran: she stayed away from all things naughty.. need to curb her sudden inquisitiveness.
    @R’s mom: I asked the day care ppl to keep a lookout..
    @Shama: ouch. that must have hurt. Hugs to you.
    @Starry: I really really think you have nerves of steel.. reading all those bloodied tales on your blog makes me cringe. Lot of what u just said makes sense. I’ll try the ignoring part and posing limitations also.

  6. Shruti, I think its a phase where they want to experiment and there is also a good amount of external influence.. Its a little hard to insulate the kids from these.. As Starry says, not paying too much attention, casually diverting, and positive criticism pays, but takes its time:) I keep telling myself that I must use ‘DON’T’ less but forget exactly when I have to put that knowledge to use:) Its ok, kids come around..

  7. Aryan has been a good guy too all these 5 years. Never trying anything scary or yucky. But recently he also started thinking funny. Today morning he asked me what will happen if he jumps down from balcony. I was dead scared at the thought , how can he even think like that ..we are on 10th floor :O. So I told him that he will be hurt a lot and there will be blood and he shd never try that. Next he asks , can I stand on that balcony railing and see my friend’s house ? I have to be really watching him in balcony now 😛