Day 2 – DIY Noise Free Fire Cracker Craft

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DIY Noise Free Fire Cracker Craft


Go Noise free this season, Make your own firecracker rockets at home.

To make you’ll need
  1. One red foam rectangle 2.5×5 inch in size
  2. One yellow foam triangle 3.5 inches wide
  3. Golden sparkly pipe cleaner – 1
  4. Star stickers in various sizes & colours
  5. Glue
  6. Scissors
  1. Cut the foam sheets to shape.
  2. Stick the triangle foam over the red foam to form a rocket shape.
  3. Bend the pipe-cleaner into half & another half and cut to form 4 pieces
  4. Stick the 4 pipe-cleaners to the back of the red foam rectangle
  5. Decorate with star stickers and your noise free fire-cracker craft is ready.

This was one of the crafts that I wrote for  Mom & Me’s magazine – Mother’s world’s  latest edition..

You can also try making different fire cracker shapes and even make a banner for your home .. What do you think?Lets all go Noise free & Smoke free this festive season.

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