Day 7 – Keep a golu at home

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Golu or Kolu or Bombe Habba (Kannada) or Bommai Kolu (Tamil) or Bommala Koluvu (Telugu) is a toy festival celebrated during the festival of Navratri in Southern India. This is an exhibition of various dolls and figurines in odd (usually 7, 9, or 11) numbered tiers (padis).

This Navratri try keeping a golu at home like my friends did ..
Here are pictures from Arthi’s house this year






and this was the setup in her house Last year

The Main Golu

 and our very own Preethi has kept a golu too

DSC 0129


DSC 0138


DSC 0143

Speaking about Preethi, Housedelic, along with IndyaKaleidoscope is hosting their first ever giveaway to celebrate the completion of a fabulous month..
They are giving away a beautiful Bodhisattva painting. A reproduction of an Ajanta Cave painting, its been painted on treated wood with an admirable attention to detail!


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