20 DIY Art Materials You Can Make at Home

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Learn how to make DIY Art Materials -From Homemade clay, glitter glue, Edible Paint, Watercolor, Stamps, Chalk Paint, DIY Glitter to DIY Puffy Paint & more, right at home!

DIY isn’t just a snazzy abbreviation of Do It Yourself – it is now an entire culture! These days, you can make anything you wish at home, whether it’s a baby blanket or an office desk – there’s a tutorial for it somewhere out there!

Give kids’ natural curiosity, imagination and the eagerness to get their hands dirty, this DIY universe is a haven for them. It’s no wonder then that most parents start stocking up on art and craft supplies even before the kids start school, and we wholly recommend that!

But how about taking this a step further, and making your own art supplies? Yes, we are talking about DIY-ing your DIY stuff!! Here are ideas for 20 DIY Art Materials You Can Make at Home. Now, your art is 100% homemade!!

20 DIY Art Materials You Can Make at Home

20 DIY Art Supplies You Can Make at Home 13




20 DIY Art Supplies You Can Make at Home 1

Edible Finger Paint

It may seem like arts and crafts are for preschoolers and older kids, but that makes our tiny toddlers feel left out, right? This edible finger paint from Fun at Home with Kids is the ideal solution for them, with bright colors made using Yoghurt & Kool-Aid perfect for that masterpiece!

Homemade Edible Paint (using natural dyes)

Make these edible safe baby paints and using natural Vegetables & Fruits – Like Turmeric, Spinach, Beets mixed in baby cereal.

Bath Paint

Bath time is a time of infinite possibilities – there are so many things you can do with water! And one of them is painting, and what will help you create some watery masterpieces, is this DIY bath paint from Modernly Morgan – safe enough for the little ones! Make your own using Baby Bath Soap, Cornstarch &  Food Colors.

Kid Safe Watercolor Paints

Learn how to make watercolor paints using Corn Syrup, Vinegar, Baking Soda & Food Colors that are not only safe for kids but a fun learning experience as well! Let your scientists learn while they create watercolor paints.


20 DIY Art Supplies You Can Make at Home 2

DIY Puffy Paint

It’s nice to see your artwork on paper, but it’s so much better when the paint literally rises above the surface, isn’t it? And that’s the magic of foam paint, which you can make at home, easily, with shaving cream, glue and a color of your choice!

Easy Homemade Face Paint

Planning a face painting session for the kids at your next party? Make life easier for yourself and your skin by choosing this recipe from Popsugar – choose your favorite face lotion to make it smell great too! Corn Starch, Face Cream, Baby Oil & Washable Paint

Homemade Liquid Watercolours with Dried Out Markers

Liquid watercolors are amazing.  They’re vibrant, they’re versatile, they’re beautiful, and they’re fun to use. But Liquid watercolors are also expensiveInstead use that old leftover, dried marker and turn it into some colorful watercolor paint for your kids or students.

Homemade Tempera Paints

Discover the joys of painting with eggs and chalk – it’s homemade tempera paint!


20 DIY Art Supplies You Can Make at Home 3


Sidewalk Chalk Pops

Summer’s a great time for ice cream and Popsicles, and that’s when those Popsicle molds come out of hibernation! But you know what else you can make with those molds? Chalk! Yes, Project Nursery has all the instructions to make these convenient and handy sidewalk chalk pops using  Plaster of Parisir?t=projectnurser 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B000BPK8NS, tempera paint for some summer fun!

DIY Glitter

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with glitter. On one hand, it instantly makes everything all shiny and pretty. On the other hand, it instantly makes everything all shiny..and messy! At least be assured you’re not fighting toxic stuff by making your own glitter using Epsom Salt & Food Colors, as shown by One Little Project!

Colored Sand

Not many people are aware, but colored sand is a really useful thing to have when crafting with kids. Kids Craft Room shows us how to make our own colored sand with Play Sand & Powder Paints. Make different colors and store to use over and over again.

Homemade Rangoli Powder

Make vibrant Rangoli Powder at home for a fun and unique art activity for kids. Requires just 3 ingredients – Rice Flour, Candy Colors & Salt, and you and your kids can be off creating beautiful patterns.


20 DIY Art Supplies You Can Make at Home 4

DIY Modge Podge

Modge Podge is something every art and craft enthusiast has in his or her home, and it’s quite a handy little thing for several projects! I never realized you could actually make your own version using glue & water until I saw this tutorial from Do It Yourself Divas!

Homemade Glitter Glue

Feel like your project is a little meh? The easiest way to glam it up is by adding some sparkle – with some homemade Glitter glue! Check out the tutorial at paging fun mums to make some for yourself using Cornflour, Vinegar, Salt, Glitter & Glue.

Microwave Play Dough

Making your own play dough is not unheard-of, and the advantage is that you can make play dough in assorted colors and even scents. But Fun at Home with Kids has another advantage – it can be made in just five minutes, in the microwave – You just need food color, cream of tartar,  salt, and flour!

Homemade Air Dry Clay Recipe

Modeling clay is perfect for all ages – young, old and senior! You can make anything your heart fancies – even the clay itself! Just use –  PVA glue, corn flour, baby oil, vinegar, and acrylic paint


20 DIY Art Supplies You Can Make at Home 5

DIY: Make your own dot dabbers for preschool

Make your own dot dabbers for preschool. Deborah,  from Teach Preschool, used makeup sponges & watered down Tempera paints to make a DIY version.

DIY Roller Stamp

Have you seen those fancy roller stamps and put them on your wishlist? Well, no need to spend a lot on them – you can easily make them with adhesive foam shapes and a lint roller! This idea from Handmade Charlotte is just genius, and you can make any kind of custom designs with foam sheets.

DIY Block Stamps

These ABC block stamps from Babble Dabble Do are really easy to make, and can really last a long time. If you ask me, it beats buying overpriced stamps from stores when you can make your own custom versions!

Nature Paint Brushes

Transferring paint onto paper is fun for kids, but you know what makes it more fun? Doing it with paintbrushes of different textures! Apple Green Cottage shows us how to make some interesting nature-themed paintbrushes that’ll make painting so much better!

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