20 Cute and Easy Clay Crafts for Kids

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Whether it’s polymer or the air drying variety, these cute clay crafts for kids are a breeze to make! Just gather your tools and unleash your creativity!

Have you looked at little kids playing with play dough? They look so happy, squishing stuff around in their little hands, shaping them into balls, rods and snakes. The best part is that they don’t need to outgrow this joy – not with clay crafts!

There’s all kinds of clay available to craft with, and they’ve gotten better than the ones we had when we were kids. The most common ones seem to be air dry clay and polymer clay and these can be shaped into anything your brain imagines and your heart desires.

So let’s go ahead and unleash our creativity with some super cute and easy clay crafts for kids to make, play with and of course, gift their friends!

20 Cute Clay Crafts for Kids

Whether it's polymer or the air drying variety, these cute clay crafts for kids are a breeze to make! Just gather your tools and unleash your creativity!

1. Cute Clay Penguin Photo Holder

clay penguin photo holders main

These cute little penguins are perfect to hold your memos, quotes or special memories on your desk. This project also includes a tutorial to make air drying clay at home. 

2. Clay Unicorn Magnets

02 Clay Crafts for Kids

Can you have any list of crafts that doesn’t include a unicorn? That’s exactly why these clay unicorns from Glued to My Crafts make their place here – and also because they’re so pretty!

3. Easy Clay Tic Tac Toe Game for Kids

Clay Bee Tic Tac Toe craft 2

Ready to play some tic tac toe with the flowers and bees? We’ve got just what you need – a spring theme Tic Tac Toe set, made out of clay!

4. Planet Earth Clay Craft

04 Clay Crafts for Kids

Our planet is in need of help, and the sooner we teach our kids, the better. Adventure in a Box has a project that’s great to introduce young kids to the idea of Earth Day. Also makes an excellent classroom project.

5. Clay Sheep Photo Holder

clay sheep1

Here is a photo holder that’s great for a spring or Easter theme setup on your desk or shelf! Kids will have fun making the sheep’s wool and the facial features.

6. Polymer Clay Cupcakes

06 Clay Crafts for Kids

The Pinterested Parent has a cute project that’s perfect even for young kids – they can make their own cupcakes – and play with them too! Little kids will enjoy watching their squishy cupcakes turn into solid creations.

7. DIY Pokemon Pokeball Clay Magnets

DIY Pokémon Pokéball Clay Magnets1

Got any Pokemon fans out there? Then these Pokeballs are a must make for them! these are quite easy to make and turn into good fridge magnets.

8. Adorable Frozen Elsa Polymer Clay Magnets

Frozen Elsa Polymer Clay Tutorial

It’s not just Pokemon fans who have a special project for them – Frozen fans have something too!! Elsa is here so you can let go of any fears and make a cute little Elsa doll!

9. DIY Sunflower Clay Bowls

09 Clay Crafts for Kids

If your little one is trying to make a useful gift for someone, then this Sunflower bowl from Red Ted Art is a great idea. It’s super easy to make and kids will be so proud to see it put to use.

10. Polymer Clay Rainbow Necklace

10 Clay Crafts for Kids

We just love how easy this rainbow necklace from The Artisan Life is – all you need to make colorful ‘snakes’ and then arrange them together. Attach a hook and you’re done!

11. Polymer Clay Owl Necklaces

11 Clay Crafts for Kids

Once your kids have got the hang of making the rainbow necklace, let them go ahead and try these owl necklaces from Projects with Kids. Make in different colors to give their friends too!

12. DIY Clay Mushroom Photo Holder

clay 003

Mushrooms always make any space look cute, and this mushroom photo holder is no exception! This requires a little more skill, so it’s better for kids who’ve tried out the easier projects.

13. DIY Garden Gnomes

13 Clay Crafts for Kids

Who thought garden gnomes would be so easy to make? Rainy Day Mum proves that it is indeed possible, and these would look so cute in a little yard or even a fairy garden.

14. Handmade Clay Birdhouse Bookmark

Clay Birdhouse Bookmark 6

Want to gift a bookworm something he or she will enjoy? Here it is – a clay birdhouse bookmark! We love the little details on this one, like the flowers and the leaves.

15. Polymer Clay Emoji Key Chains

15 Clay Crafts for Kids

Looking for fun emoji crafts? Craft Shack Chronicles shows us how to make some fun emoji keychains that can also do double duty as bag charms or zipper pulls.

16. DIY Clay Pikachu Pencil Topper

Clay Pikachu Pencil Topper 2

Pokemon fans, here’s something to make and take to school everyday! This Pikachu pencil topper will look adorable either on top of your pencil, or simply sitting on your desk.

17. Winter theme Kid Made Clay Name Plate

Personalize your child's room with a winter themed kid-made Clay Nameplate, made with homemade porcelain clay. Really easy to make and great to gift too!

Kids love personalizing everything they own, and this clay nameplate is perfect for their room! You can also encourage kids to make a spring version with flowers, trees and bunnies.

18. Clay Cactus Desk Organizer

18 Clay Crafts for Kids

Crayola has a fun project using their own modeling clay, but which can be made with any air drying clay. Use it as a desk organizer or a cute little decor piece for your desk.

19. Valentine’s Clay Penguin Photo Holder

Clay Valentine Penguin Couple DIY 1

This cute penguin couple is the ideal solution to hold a lovely romantic memory, or simply to gift that special someone! Kids can also make this as a classroom Valentine gift.

20. Valentine’s Day Clay Teddy Bear

Nothing spells love like a cute little teddy bear holding a heart! Make this Valentine's Day Clay Teddy Bear for a special someone - they'll love it!

Here’s a cute little teddy bear holding a heart – who can resist this little guy? This teddy can become a pencil topper or an embellishment for another handmade gift, like a photo frame.

Whether it's polymer or the air drying variety, these cute clay crafts for kids are a breeze to make! Just gather your tools and unleash your creativity!

That’s a lot to make with your stock of clay! Start out with the easier projects with fewer colors, and then move on to the more complicated ones. This can be addictive, so be sure to stock up on lots of clay!

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