DIY Glitter Paper Table Lanterns

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DIY Glitter Paper Lantern

This is a first in our Diwali series this year.. I have many posts, just need a bit of time to download and then post. As you can see, we are in love with glitter paper. Nice and shiny.. and so festive don’t you think? We followed the easy instructions from and made these table top Paper lanterns.

Diwali Craft Lantern

These lanterns threw lovely reflections on our tiles and glass top. It was one of the most fun and easy Diwali projects ever! Lil p could manage to make them all on her own. I did draw the lines on the folded paper for her to cut. Thanks to the left handed scissors that Patricia sent over all the way from Dubai, Lil p is loving crafts that involve cutting. We added shiny rhinestone stickers on top which shone like tiny jewels in the evening light.

Glitter Paper Table Lantern

We made these in my craft class with 2 other kids [ Most kids are traveling] and hopefully the tiny lanterns lit up their homes too ..

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  1. The table top lanterns made with glitter card look lovely Shruti. I like the rhinestone diamante gems that you have added to decorate the lanterns. The lanterns are a lovely Diwali decoration.