4 DIY Hacks to Label Your School Supplies + Free Printable

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Here are 4 DIY Hacks to Label Your School Supplies + Free Printable. Back to School Ideas to help you organize and to add your child’s name to all of their supplies

It’s back to school time! We had a wonderful vacation, and now looking forward to going back to school already. Each year before the start of school we like to get a couple of things organized so that things flow smoothly. One of them is labeling each and everything.

There are a few types of labels I like to have handy before the start of school. I am sharing 4 DIY Label Ideas with you so your child will never lose a thing this year.

4 DIY Hacks to Label Your School Supplies

4 DIY Hacks to Label Your School Supplies 11


Standard Labels

4 DIY Hacks to Label Your School Supplies 2

I designed these printable labels so that I don’t have to manually fill in my child’s name literally a million times to label all his stuff. You can totally handwrite the name on any store-bought label if, your handwriting looks better than mine. Mine is so bad I’d rather not!

Plus there’s something nice about printed names as opposed to hand-written names.

I’ve created one in a Cute Dinosaur Print & another A Cute Fox Design. These are perfect for labeling Books, Stationary like rulers, pens, binders etc. Be sure to scroll to the end of the post to download [ A Blue button that says – Click here to get your Printable]

Waterproof Labels

4 DIY Hacks to Label Your School Supplies 3

These are just so important to have and the waterproof label packs available in the market are fairly expensive. Tiffin Boxes, Water Bottles, Swimming Bags etc need waterproof labels.

I can tell you a way you can make them for a lot lesser than what is available in the market.

Download the PDF, scroll to the page that says Square Waterproof Labels. Type in your name and save it. Now take it to an office supply store or a printing shop and ask for this to be printed on any non-tearable sticker paper. That’s it. That’s the magic paper you need to keep your kid’s bottles and tiffin from getting lost or mixed up.


4 DIY Hacks to Label Your School Supplies 15

It is just good to have these marked so that your child doesn’t mix up his shoes and comes home with 2 left shoes. It has happened to me and I learned my lesson that day and since then all his shoes, especially his school shoes, have labels on them.

Download our free printable, scroll to the page that says Shoe labels. Print them on Vinyl sticker sheets if you have a printer that supports printing on vinyl.

If not take them to your office supply store or professional printing shop and ask them to be printed on vinyl sticker sheets. The Vinyl stickers have better strength and don’t tear easily. These can be placed inside the shoe near the heel.


4 DIY Hacks to Label Your School Supplies 8


Uniforms, caps, jackets and so many more things need to be labeled too! You never know when you will need it. Iron On labels is perfect for labeling clothes.


Whether your children are older or younger these are necessary. If your children go on a school trip or a camp, it is better to have their things labeled.

To make your own IRON ON LABELS you will need these things

  1. Heat transfer paper or Iron on sheets
  2. Cotton or satin ribbon
  3. Iron
  4. Wax paper/ Baking Paper


STEP 1: To make this you need to download the Iron-on Labels on your computer. Fill in the name of your child and save it. Before printing this, flip it horizontally. Basically, you need to print a mirror image on the heat transfer paper.

STEP 2: Print on the right side of your heat transfer paper as per instructions. Cut out your labels as per size.

STEP 3: Now put your label face down on the ribbon and iron on it lightly. Your iron should be set on low heat at all time or else you will end up burning your ribbon.

STEP 4: Once you are done ironing for about 10-12 seconds, let the ribbon cool. Now remove the paper backing and watch how your print has transferred onto the ribbon.

STEP 5: For the last step, out the wax paper on the printed side on the ribbon and iron on it lightly (iron on low setting still). This will make your iron on transfer set in place and last longer.

click here 03

Labeling is so easy, doesn’t need to be expensive and in the end, it can save you money (especially if you have more than one child at school). Who wants to buy more uniforms and school gear two days, or even two weeks into a brand new school year? Kids by nature are easily distracted and forgetful, so it’s up to us parents to make life a little easier by simply putting names on all belongings. I hope you liked our 4 DIY Hacks to Label Your School Supplies!


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  1. So cool! Downloading these printables now so that I don’t need to depend on my talented friends for all this 🙂 thanks!