Easy and Colorful DIY Origami Bird Magnets

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One of the most popular Origami folds is that of the Origami Crane or Orizuru.

However, the paper crane can be a wee bit difficult for little kids, so till then let’s try a simpler bird that’s not a crane!

Today’s DIY Origami Bird Magnets are an easy model to fold and you can use any kind of paper. It gets more interesting if the front and the back side of the paper are of different textures or colors. The magnets make them useful too, and are perfect as little gifts!

Tip: Make sure the paper that you use is a  perfect square (all sides are equal and all the angles are 90 degrees). The paper I am using here is a 15 cm x 15 cm square. It is the same size of a typical origami paper.

If you are ready, then let’s get started!

DIY Origami Bird Magnets

Spring Craft 2

Materials to make the Origami Bird Magnets:


Instructions for making the Origami Bird Magnets:


1. Start with your Origami paper sheet. I’ve used green here since I’m making a parrot, but you can choose any color you like.

2. Fold your paper from one corner to the opposite one to get a triangle. Open the fold.

3. You can now see a central crease. Fold in the two corners towards this central crease, lining up the edges in the middle as shown. You get a little triangle on the top (here it’s white).

4. Fold the upper triangle backward.


5. Fold the top right corner down towards the central line.

6. Repeat with the other corner.

7. Fold the model in half.

8. Now make a pocket fold along the true crease to form the Origami Bird beak as shown in the pic it’s a little tricky but trust me once u get it, it looks perfect.

9.Paint the beak red with a felt pen and draw or stick on eyes to complete your Origami Bird.

Make these simple Origami Bird Magnets with our step by step tutorial. Perfect for back-to-school gifts and to brighten up your room!

10. Feel free to decorate your birds with your markers.

11. Once dry, stick a magnet between the folds and secure all edges with glue.

Spring Craft 8


These birds were easier than you thought they were, right? You can make them in any color and they’re perfect to brighten up your desktop, fridge or any other surface! Make several and give them to friends at school!

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