DIY Paper Picnic Basket with Free Template

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It’s officially the end of July, and the weather is supposed to be bright and sunny outside! We love going to our local park, a basket full of goodies, a mat, and some board games. This year, however, we are stuck indoors and now with the rains, it’s too late for a picnic outside. Since July is National Picnic month, we decided to have some fun and have a picnic indoors.

DIY Paper Picnic Basket

Mini picnic basket1

Today, we’ve got a mini picnic basket, made of nothing but paper! Just be sure to use thick paper and your basket will be sturdy enough to hold flowers, snacks or knick-knacks of your choice. Then go crazy and decorate it any way you like!

You will need:

  • Patterned paper (We used lignin free and double patterned thick card stock)
  • Single Hole Paper punch
  • Paper Flower or other embellishments
  • Button
  • Glue & Scissors
  • Brads



1. Gather all your supplies and print out the template on an A-4 sheet.




2. Cut the template to shape along the outer edge and place this cutout on top of the patterned paper.




picnic basket1




3. Trace the template outline on the paper & cut it out carefully.




4. Fold the cutout along the dotted lines. Using glue, secure all the 4 sides in place.




5. Cut out a long strip of patterned paper for the handle.




6. Using a single hole punch, make holes on either side of the basket as well as at the two ends of the handle strip.




7. Using brads, secure the handle to the basket so that the handle is strong but can be moved easily.




8. Decorate your basket with paper flowers or embellishments of your choice.








Your very own paper picnic basket is ready! Fill it up with popcorn or cheese balls for a fun snack at home, or go outside and fill it up with flowers and leaves. They are also perfect as favor boxes for a picnic themed or for a spring/summer themed party. They also make a great substitute for an Easter basket, so get ready for an egg hunt and fill your pretty baskets!


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