Family conversations – part 3

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Lil P : Ajji where is pooh bear.. I want pooh bear .
MIL: Yen beku?? (What do you want?)
Lil P searching the house: I want pooh bear.
Me: Here take it..
MIL: Ohh!! u were searching for kuber???
Me: hehe. Yes.


MIL to Cook: Grind the dosa batter
Cook: I will grind the urad dal n keep.Can you please grind the rice yourself. I’m a little late.
MIL: Illa hudigi madakke bidolla [No! the girl (Lil p) won’t let me do it.]
Cook: Tondre illa. Hudigi office ge hogidalle. neev maadkoli.[Don’t worry. The Girl  (Me!) has gone to office. you can do it now]
MIL: guffawing away!

tsk tsk!! need to talk to that cook soon.


N I thot only MiM had interesting conversations 😉

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  1. @Swaram, varunavi: Yup that was quite apt rt? ku-ber & pu-ber!
    @divs : Yup we have our funny times.
    @MiM : I was sooo reminded of you the whole time my MIL was here 🙂