Feeling Desperate

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Feeling very jittery.. and I don’t know exactly why.. 
A never ending release, a big trip planned soon ,  my good friends all gone from the company ,  PMP , recurring health issues ,  Guilt , exhaustion , desperation …. Frustration.
Just one of those days when I need a hug. πŸ™‚ 

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  1. omg. you sound terrible.*hugs*
    i can only suggest meditation… because it worked for me.

    but you are so busy… do you have the time??

  2. @MiM: I should try it.. I’m expecting too much from myself I think. Pushing myself too hard. Thanks for the hug and the comment. Its been long since i actually had a conversation with anyone.

  3. Hugs, Shruti! Your posts are always so cheery and upbeat that it was shocking to read this post. I hope its just a phase and you fight out of it real soon. More hugs.

  4. hey hang in there babe.

    i’d say sit and chat with a good friend – could be mom, husband or someone totally removed from the situation. the person has to be nonjudgmental and basically listen and listen. often just saying things aloud makes you get to the root cause.

    else, just write everything down on a piece of paper. even if solutions don’t jump out, it helps.

    and hugs. you are such a creative person. read all your posts though i rarely comment.

  5. One {hug} from me, Shruti. Go ahead and write all your worries on a tissue paper and then flush it down a toilet. You’ll feel a lot better when you see it vanishing down the drain, out of sight, all gone and reduced to nothing.

    Take care, dear…

  6. Huge hug Shruti…I know how it gets to us mommies sometimes. For me, having a good talk with a close friend or even dear hubby helps. Sometimes you find your own solutions by just talking it out. Hang in there!

  7. ((((HUGSS))). Do talk to a friend who will let you vent. And just spend some time doing nothing. It also helps relax. But with PMP and everthing you must be so busy! Take Care…

  8. your lanterns look so cute … i should make some someday .. and can probably string them together… hmm .. should try it out

    Lil p looks so cute in the jari-langa … reminds me of my childhood !!!!

  9. One more hug your way. Maybe you should just take a break from everything, that would help..or take a girls night out with close friends/family.

    Come back rejuvenated! We need you πŸ™‚

  10. Ohh no Shruti,I just read this.. big hugs and lots of happy thoughts coming your way.. just remember,this too shall pass! hugs!

  11. πŸ™‚ Thank you all for all the support.. I felt really down suddenly and then took a break from office n spent time with lil P n hubby. That helped. I’m off to a long trip to Rajasthan this weekend and will return with lots of pics.

    Thank you for all the hugs n suggestions.. I read each one .. felt the virtual hugs n kept coming back to these comments over the past 2 weeks.