Field trip to the icecream parlour!

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The school circular read –
“We are planning a field trip for our students to baskin robbins, kormangala. te objective of the trip is to reinforce the concept – sense of touch and taste, about which they have learnt during the last month”
What a cool idea!! Our picnics were never so much fun!
Details in Lil p’s zabani …
Me: What did u do today??
Lil P : My went to picnic.. icecream shopping ..with D teacher… In yellow bus.
Me: Where did u go??
Lil P : my went to hair cut..
Me: what??
Lil p: Hair cut icecream shop 
.. then realization dawned. Sunday we had gone to limelite above baskin robbins in kormangala to get her hair cut.
Me: How much icecream did u eat??
Lil p : soooooooooo much.
my like strawberry icecream.. V (her friend) also ate strawberry icecream.D teacher gave one cup n spoon.

p for pink, p for lil p and p for pappa also.

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  1. Unfair! Icecream parlour is a field trip for kids these days!!!!!

    One more reason I hate being grown-up 🙁

    Let me go have some ice-cream. Chocolate pls, strawberry for Lil P.

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy I love Strawberry ice cream too !!!! High -5 to that !!
    When we meet L’il P we both will eat sooooooooooooooooo much Strawberry ice cream and we will leave Mumma out !! OK Done deal …

  3. @Sakhi: Its an amazing age!! 🙂
    @Neelum: LOL!! No more icecreams!! madam is sick again!! :((
    @lostworld – yup!! I hate being grown up too!
    @Swaram: Hmmm :p wait till u have ur own!
    @Priya:Thanks 🙂
    @SG: Don’t u?? Me Too!
    @deepazarts : Welcome here. Lil P is 3 years old.
    @deepa raman : welcome here. thanks 🙂