First Movie at a Theatre

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It’s been more than 3.5 years since hubby and I went to a Cinema theatre together (we did go to Dev D when Lil P was at my mom’s place). We see a lot of movies.. But always on DVD. Just didn’t have the confidence to take Lil P earlier. What if she would start crying, one of us would have to spend time sitting out in the corridor. It would be equally agonizing for the other to sit inside. We also did not know of any1 who could take care of her in the evenings. So Lil P had never seen the insides of a theatre.

Yesterday however my mom n sister were also interested in watching the movie. So, we figured at any point of time, each one of us could watch atleast 75% of the movie in case she cried. So off we went to Innovative multiplex. 3 idiots would have been our first choice but there were no tickets. We settled for Avatar 2D. 3D would have been scary for her. And I’m happy to report, she behaved beautifully! *Anti-Jinx *

As we entered, trailers of ‘My name is khan’ were on.. n Lil P is a shahrukh fan!! That got her excited abt the “Big TV” as she called it! and PC got her a big box of popcorn.. n she was happy to sit quietly till it finished.. When avatar began, she got excited abt the helicopters, robots & dinosaurs!! The questions kept rolling… why is their face blue? Why are the lights off?? Mama -look big tree.

Once the popcorn finished, she promptly fell asleep!!! n woke up when the movie finished!!!

In the evening, when my dad asked what she saw, here is what she said –
My saw Shahrukh khan.. flying in aeroplane and dinosaur fighting!!

PS: Spread the word around.. 20th is the last day to receive entries for the artsy-craftsy challenge!

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  1. I am glad you were able to enjoy the movie in the theater with your little kid. You are very lucky. We learnt the hard way. And decided never ever take small kids to movie theaters and restaurants.

  2. @DIC: U still rememember the name of the movie!! 🙂 I’m am super happy that shes reached an age when we can take her along.
    @blogger: Welcome here. 🙂 n LOL!

  3. @Lohit: Awww I hope not!! I’ll try the drinks next time! 🙂
    @SG: ya.. I think I was lucky this time! Rt after the movie we took her to dinner n she was a total brat there!!! Gosh!

  4. Wow! I am super impressed with Lil’P .. she is a darling 🙂
    I so wanna listen to these updates from the horse’s mouth before she grows up some more 😛

  5. Congrats to you all !!! L’il P is such a super kiddo …muahhh…muaahhh to her 🙂

    The first movie that Aadu saw in a theater was Ratatouille…and he loved it, and did not cry…ever since then we are theater-bound.
    His first hindi movie in a theater was ‘Hey Baby’ which was a treat for him and all around him with all his comments n questions…he was 2 then !!
    Now his idea of movies is set: he MUST have popcorn, and no one dare touch it until the actual movie starts !!!
    Avtar was a bit too much for kids…nahi ka? But the movie was superb !!

  6. @Neelum: ya i’ll start taking her to movies that interest her. We went for the afternoon show and it was her nap time. so She dozed off. Avatar was not too suitable.. but bcos she slept off I think we managed quite well! I liked the movie 🙂 graphics are amazing!!!!!!

  7. Great! Nothing like watching a movie with the little one fast asleep. When my first born was small, we would often go for the night shows and buy an extra ticket, not for her but for the diaper bag! She would sleep on my lap.

  8. @Swaram: Plan ur trip to blore 🙂
    @Aparna: LOL! Ya its easier to close her ears when shes sleeping on my lap. The sound was too loud.
    @Swati: I’m mighty pleased. This was 1 milestone I was waiting to record.

  9. Nice! She is one well-behaved movie-going kid. 🙂 Btw, I dont think 3D would have been scary for her because it is not a cheesy 3D thing with fire balls flying into your face or anything like that, but the perception of depth that the 3D cameras bring in is amazing.

  10. @AJ: Hmmm u r right. My biggest concern was that if she refused to wear the goggles, watching a 3D movie will give a bad headache.
    @Pixie: Yup I liked it.. Will watch it in 3D again if I get a chance.