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I have a surprise for you today! I’m blog swapping with the Dekor Specialist – Patricia. 
Drop by at her blog later today to check out my post. For now, over to her



Hello there…. I’m Patricia Torres from Colours Dekor.. and am so so happy to be blog swapping with Mindful Meanderings today… I love craft… and am always inspired by the happenings on this blog.

Now a little about me… I’m a ‘special moments specialist’… *smiles*… I love making moments …. (anywhere… ) particularly at home… SPECIAL… for everyone involved.. Celebrating birthday, celebrating togetherness…. from Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, Eid to Easter… a rainy day, a sunny day…. a few new lanterns, a promotion.. … we celebrate it all… We need a reason to get together… and have a party!!! And I simply thrive to have a good laugh… a lavish meal… a few candles… a beautiful home… *sigh*… Sounds like… life is simple!!

IMG 7934I’m an accountant by profession … And my day job.. is no where close to being creative.. or playing with colours.. *smiles*… That’s why I spend the rest of my time.. thinking about walls, cushions, table cloths, plants, curtains… anything to do with home decor.. Really!! anything!! If I’m at home.. I’m either busy with my girls… or am de-cluttering… clearing & sorting.. I am truly the queen of de-clutter… And if I’m not busy doing that… then I’m making a ‘to-do’ list of what home improvements I’ve got to act upon… and what new things Im going to do at home…

IMG 2685
Truly… you will never find my home looking the same… There is a little change.. everytime… The table top changes as per season or occasion…. the cushions change colours.. or simply.. the curios are randomly moved around the house… Just to give it a different look every time…
Below is a low seating setup I did for Valentines day about two years ago… It was a lovely evening.. and hubby dear.. was pleasantly surprised!!
Pic%2B9%2BColours%2BDekor%2BcelebrationDo pop into Colours Dekor… for more tips & treats on home dekor.. and when you are there… dont forget to say ‘hello’.. I’d love to know you more!!
Thank you Shruti.. for having me at your blog.. and thank you to YOU… for reading this post… *smiles*…

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  1. For some reason, my comment always or most times fails to get thru on Patricia’s blog.

    ‘Oh that’s so pretty, I’d love to buy that”, The craft-o-holic in me goes “Oh! I’d love to make that”. ‘ – Luv that Shru. I wud luv to make a bookmark like that, since this statement of urs does not allow me to ask u for one he he 😉