Go Go Goa!!

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Having spent my college days in Belgaum, karnataka, most holidays were spent at Goa ( just 3 hrs drive from there) . I love Goa! Goa in December during the carnival days is a riot of colors and people.. Goa during monsoons is a different experience. This is the time when Goa is at her most beautiful, the beaches at their loveliest, and the sea wild and thrilling.

So when dad suggested that we go to Goa and Hubby dearest said he hadn’t really seen Goa I jumped at the idea. So we caught a train to belgaum where my parents stay and from there took the car and drove down to Goa.

The journey itself was amazing.. rolling hills, winding roads, the scent of freshly rained soil, wild flowers, waterfalls.. Felt the beauty of Nature wash the tensions of the daily grind of office and household chores from tired minds.

amboli sawantwadi

This trip was special for more reasons than one… This was the first trip where Me & PC were not part of the planning.. Very relaxing and most importantly Lil P overcame her fear of water and actually enjoyed the beach.. YAY!!!!

Did the usual touristy thing – Enjoyed the view of mandovi river from hotel room, boating at mayem lake, watched the waves crash at anjuna beach, got drenched at vagator beach, shopped for mundane things at calangute beach, posed like Dil chahta hai on fort aguda, saw the churches Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral. Ate bebinca, cashews and Goan chocolate cake. Drank lots of sol kadi. Drinks flowed freely.. had a great time! Some kodak moments..

Goa beaches For me the best part was the night ferry on the mandovi river.. The sights , the breeze beautiful. Lil P danced to ‘bum bum bole’ on the stage. My parents, married for 30 years, danced.. This was the first time I had seen them dance together.. When couples were invited onto the stage we danced.. forgetting the crowd..Forgetting that there was just another couple on the floor with us, forgetting how ridiculous we looked ( both of us have 2 left feet) … just thinking.. this feels so right.. so beautiful.. I love you’s flowed freely.. Truly a magical night.
It was time to leave.. driving back we saw the true beauty of amboli ghats .. like the heavenly clouds had touched down.. fog , rains, the wetness in the air caressing our faces.. Lil p picked up couple of wooden toys from the town of sawantwadi and a tired but happy lot reached home.

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  1. Wow! U almost took me on a virtual trip 😛 Gr8 one @ that! So, got to see the face behind Mindful Meanderings nw 😛 [nt clear though ;)]

    U guys hv hd real fun na! Waise, we used to go to Belgaum a lot! Hv travelled so much adre Goa ge hoge illa 🙁 Ur post is too tempting 😛

  2. Nice post. Always wanted to visit Goa and see the portuguese influence in architecture.

    Dance, because you are happy, is a wonderful experience.

  3. @Swaram & SG : You shud visit Goa!! n this time of the year is great.. if u are among the ones who love indulging in the worldclass Goa resorts, this is the time when the rates are among the lowest. So if you were looking forward to that spa vacation, this is the time to go!!
    @Sunny : Hope u plan the trip soon.. and don’t forget to share some pics.
    n Oh swaram: I enlarged the pic.. maybe my face is slightly clearer now.

  4. I love Goa !!!! Your post was lovely. Goa is so magical everyone is lost in that carnival like atmosphere!!!

    🙂 Oh and great snaps.

  5. sob. never been to goa. But I’l show this post to TS and then we’l probably be able to go. It’s a cool write up

  6. Hey love the new look of your blog. And I noticed you added me to your blogroll too. Good timing coz I just added your blog to mine as well 🙂 Thanks for the courtesy.

  7. @Meira & Lostworld : Not sure how the carnival scenario is going to play this year .. swine flu.
    Already i have heard of many bookings being cancelled.

  8. @divs : you were on my blog roll all along.. now that i have a 3 column template, I’m able to display all blogs 🙂 earlier it would show 5 recently updated blogs from my full list. 🙂 and thanks for adding me to on your blog roll.