Gond style Folk Art for kids

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Perfect for our ArtsyCraftsy Challenge of this month, I present to you our first Guest post.. Presenting Arthi Anand from Art’s tales with her guest post..

On one long weekend my girls spent a lot of time painstakingly filling up outlines I gave them.

Using the Gond style folk art.

Gond style Folk Art by kids

And then we went on to read a book which illustrated the style – Alone in the Forest

The girls loved it and now can identify Gond  art as well. Go on try it. All you need is 3Ps – paper, pen/ pencil and patience.

A post from me here, would be incomplete without a story or a book or a story book

Alone in the forest is about Musa, a young boy, who confronts his fear of the dark and the forest. How terror grips him, letting his mind plays games and how he overcomes fear, is what the story explores.The book is illustrated by Bhajju Shyam. Belonging to the Gond ( a forest dweller) tribe, the art is drawn from Bhajju’s childhood.

 Read the full review and interview here at saffrontree.


Alone in the Forest


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