Googly Eyed

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Our home is a crafts shop in itself.. If you open the guest room cupboards, you’ll have glitter, sequins, ribbons, lace, rolls of coloured papers and foam cut outs fly at you.. I’m just kidding. They are all there but neatly piled and sorted.. Out of that stash, what we absolutely love are “Googly Eyes” or wiggly eyes ..
[ Googly eyes are available at all arts and crafts stores.. at Staples, Itsy bitsy, Raja Market and a few stationary shops also] The theme for April is also “Googly eyes”   and here is some inspiration for you..

 Lil P is absolutely gaga over them and wants to stick them on anything and everything .. Mister maker uses them a lot too. We recently used them when we made


Pipe cleaner pencil topper bird

pipe cleaner bird


The wandering penguin


IMG 7646


Origami Dog Face

OrigamiHouse OrigamiDog

So I asked fellow bloggers on KBN to share a few “googly eyed” crafts from their blogs and here are some interesting ones ..

Rainy day Mum – her son J made a one eyed Incy Wincy spider using play dough, pipe cleaners & a Googly eye

Maggie  from Red Ted Art – painted some Ghost stones using beach stones, some paint & googly eyes
 and also these  incredibly cute stick men with  her son

Cathy from Nurture Store made Eggheads with cress hair

Crystal from growing a jewelled rose made stick alligators


So, what are you making with Googly eyes ????

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