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I know this Fashionista. No! It’s not me, it’s my daughter!

Hamleys ‘Ramp Camp’ is the only Fashion show by the kids, for the kids and with the kids at the Lakme Fashion Week. #hamleys #rampcamp

It would be fair to say that I am not the most fashion forward person. I survived a decade of the IT corporate life dressed in casuals and hiding behind nerdy glasses.

When my daughter was born, I soon realized that I have a Girly Girl on my hands!

By the time she was walking, she was expressing her fashion sense, slipping her feet into the fanciest of shoes and the frilliest of frocks! And of course, she had to have a matching bag,matching clips, matching shoes even. For her school essay on ‘What you want to be when you grow up?’, she said – a show stopper on a runway show. I was struck.

When I heard about Hamley’s Ramp Camp happening at a Hamley’s store in my city, I knew this was the perfect platform to make her dreams come true.

Hamleys ‘Ramp Camp’ is the only Fashion show by the kids, for the kids and with the kids at the Lakme Fashion Week. #hamleys #rampcamp

‘Hamleys Ramp Camp’ is a property which Hamleys launched in 2014 and would be presenting it again as its second edition this year. Hamleys ‘Ramp Camp’ is the only Fashion show by the kids, for the kids and with the kids at the Lakme Fashion Week – India’s most aspirational and glamorous fashion and lifestyle event. This stand-alone show is at a prime slot and uniquely integrates the brand with kids and fashion.

Want your child to participate?

The premise of the ‘Ramp Camp’ is through a promotion at the stores where the qualifiers get an experience which ‘money cannot buy’. Close to 3000 children across the country will register for the campaign of which around 1500 will attend the workshops. The campaign exposes these kids to ‘grooming workshops’ that help in not only improving their walk on the ramp, but also help in building their overall confidence and personality. These workshops have also been deeply appreciated by the parents where 99% of them felt that it added immense value in elevating positivity in their child.

Here’s a video detailing the whole journey of Hamleys Ramp Camp Season 1

Kids across 8 cities (Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh) are selected via programs & workshops held in 15 Hamleys stores.

  1. Visit the Hamley store between today & the workshop dates [ see below table for city wise dates]
  2.  Do your shopping as usual.
  3. Fill-up an enrollment form with your child’s details and submit the same along with a copy of the bill to the representative at the Customer Service Desk (“CSD”) present at the store.
  4. That’s it! Your child is part of the Hamley’s Ramp Camp Workshop.

The Ramp Camp Workshop

The young aspirants are trained in areas such as confidence, posture and walk by the finest grooming experts in the fashion industry, Mr. Neeraj Gaba who is also the Show Area Director at Lakme Fashion Week. has trained talent for the Miss Universe pageant.

Workshop Date Day City
18-Jun [ Closed now] Sat Phoenix Market City, Pune
19-Jun [Closed now] Sun Mumbai & Thane
02-Jul [Closed now] Sat High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel
09-Jul [Closed now] Sat Ahmedabad
16-Jul Sat DLF Place, Saket, Delhi
17-Jul Sat Ambience Mall, Gurgaon
23-Jul Sat Quest Mall, Kolkata
30-Jul Sat Elante Mall, Chandigarh
06-Aug Sat Phoenix Market City , Whitefield, Bangalore
07-Aug Sun Express Avenue Mall, Chennai












If you have registered, all you need to do is reach the workshop venue as per the schedule. The Ramp Camp workshops provide training in a fun, interactive atmosphere and encourage the child to defeat their inhibitions and truly shine. I could really do with tips by Mr. Gaba myself!!

At the workshop, photographs of each participant will be photographed by Hamleys and uploaded on “Hamleys India” Facebook page for online voting. Now is the time to let your friends and family know you have a superstar in the making. Post online voting, the top 20 contestants who have received the maximum number of “Likes” will be selected to participate in the audition.

The Hamley Ramp Camp Auditions

Post the workshops, the kids go through a final audition round and 25 kids across India are selected for the final walk at LFW. These kids are flown in (along with one of the parent) and they get to participate at the Lakme Fashion week.

Auditions happen typically a week after the each workshop for that particular city. Tentative dates are
31st Jul – Delhi,
8th Aug – Kolkata,
9th Aug – Chandigarh,
13th Aug – Bangalore &
14th Aug – Chennai.

Check out the fun workshops that happened recently in Mumbai, Pune & Ahmedabad

Brief Terms & Conditions

  1. The T&C state that you need to do a minimum purchase of Rs. 4000 to be eligible in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata ( and Rs. 6000 for Delhi, Mumbai).
  2. Eligible age group: Both Boys & Girls in the age group of 5 to 12 yrs (born after 01-04-2005 and before 31-03-2011) are eligible for participation.
  3. Hamleys shall bear such expenses towards travel and accommodation of the winner and Parent/Guardian for the Grand Finale at Lakme fashion week. Expenses of travel and accommodation will not be borne for winners of Mumbai Final Auditions.


Here’s why we are going..

Looking at Miss P, I have come to understand that fashion at its best is a form of self-expression, a way of communicating our individuality to those we encounter in our everyday lives. Whether we intend to or not, we tell the world who we are in the way we present ourselves.

A 14-week long campaign, Hamleys ‘Ramp Camp’ is one of its kind kids program that uniquely marries Fashion, beauty, and grooming with kids, giving them a unique opportunity to express themselves. It engages with the kids at a deep emotional level, bringing about a positive change in them and makes them a brand spokesperson for life.

So are you joining us?


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