Handprint Turkey

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Enjoy!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a nice craft idea for Thanksgiving.


Painted Lil Pโ€™s palm & thumb black & the other fingers each a different color and printed it on paper.
Added eyes, feet,  a beak and our turkey was ready.
Actually, I did not have brown / orange and no patience to make them. So used black & blue instead.
Think creative! Try Finger prints on t-shirts / cups/ mugs/ cards.

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  1. @Swati: Try it.. Its damn easy.. n soooooooo colourful. Big hit with the kids in my block.
    @Mohan: We made all of these this weekend. I had 2 more kids at home whom I was baby sitting on saturday. Both Lil p’s age. N they loved doing it. I have scheduled the posts for 7 AM everyday.
    @swaram: i’m waiting for ur entry!!