Happy Anniversary to Us

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Its our wedding anniversary today and I found this lovely poem by Kirk A. Finney on the net that sums up my feelings pretty well.


Anniversary 2012



Happy Anniversary

When years are passing by like days,
and in your hand my hand is placed,
a knowing smile crosses your face,
a simple touch can still make my heart race.When I can see my soul in your eyes,
and you see your soul in mine we realise,
that a love so deep can harbour no lies,
where our only tears shed were happy tears we’ve cried.

I love you as much now as I ever did before,
if possible, I may even love you more,
all starting from a feeling we did not ignore,
a feeling of connection we chose to explore.

I don’t know what it is that you saw in me,
what I saw in you was the utmost happiness
that can ever be,
even more so on the day when you and I
became “We”,
I can still smile and say with love and
truth Honey, I love you…Happy Anniversary.



I don’t need to say anymore .. 
I think you know what I feel about you 🙂  
In your code language, LUH, TS, 


Updated to add our celebration details… 
Got a load of lovely lovely gifts from Hubs – A teddy with a love pillow, a Mills and boon novel , Perfume – Escada – Desire me, A hamper with Conditioner, body wash and shampoo from Lush,  Imported Chocolates, A Big bunch of Lilies and orchids & a BIG card [ 7 items ]
IMG 8387
Lil p ‘s school was closed the next day for Guru Nanak Jayanti so we dropped P at my sister’s place for the night and went for a Candle light dinner at a terrace restaurant. It was Karthik Poornima and Bangalore skies were lit up by amazing fireworks. It was magical.. I loved it. My gift for him u ask? Well I can’t say that on my blog 😉 Cya.

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  1. A very happy anniversary to both of you, Shruti. The picture is beautiful.
    PS: No sleep for me tonight as I try to figure out that code ;-). (Love u hamesha???, Corny, but possible for a couple in love, which obviously you are. And TS.. yikes.. those are MY initials).

  2. @Sumana- Thank you so much 🙂 Its my fav snap from our wedding. It was clicked by my sister. In my hubby’s community, this is one of the main steps during muhurtam. The coconut, jaggery and flowers is a symbol of the completeness of life.
    @Adithi’s amma – 🙂 Thank you.
    @Dil se – 🙂 hugs.
    @OM- hehe. bang on. We are the king and queen of corny ( cheesy) dialogues.. About 12 / 13 years back we started writing really long love letters and emails to each other. We would come up with cheesy codes like this so that my sis couldn’t make much sense of them. 😉 and TS – is Tumhari(/a) sada.
    @Shuchi – Thank you. 🙂
    @R’s mom – hey! .. 😉 not so wild.. they are pretty simple ones actually.. He sends me sms even to this day.. and it will have one or the other code like this.