How to make a Clay Cow – by Saumya of KlayKriti

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Today we welcome SAUMYA AGARWAL from Klay Kriti writing a guest post  for us. I saw her awesome Clay creations posted on a social networking site and asked her if she would guest post for us and here she is.  Over to her

Klay Kriti, came in existence from my passion towards arts and my imagination. The objective of giving you deep calmness and a sense of accomplishments is the thought process at Klay Kriti. 

About Me:- I was an HR Manager in an IT co. left my job after birth of my daughter.Have always been inclined towards drawing,claying,and different form of art and painting.Started with creating pieces for my friends and family on special occasion,motivated by their response thought of displaying my work to all and so Klay Kriti came into existence  I’m going to share a simple tutorial on making an Air Dry Clay fridge magnet. Presenting –

How to make a Clay Cow 

DIY-Air-Dry-Clay-Cow   Steps to make the cow.  air-dry-clay-cow

  1. You need white ,pink and back clay.I used Fun fun air dry clay for this one.
  2. Divide your white clay in three parts.1st for main body 2nd for face and 3rd for the tail.
  3. The main body will be round ball ,but flattened.
  4. For the face,give clay an oval shape.
  5. Now take pink clay n cover the on of the face with oink clay.
  6. To make nostrils ,use a toothpick.
  7. For the tail,make a small snake from white clay.
  8. From black clay make small balls and flatten them.
  9. Stick these flattened black pieces of clay on the body and face of cow.
  10. Stick a piece of clay at the tip of the tail.
  11. Now stick all the pieces together.
  12. Make it’s eyes and eyebrows with black thin marker,
  13. Tadaaaa our cute lil cow is can stick magnet or double sided tape or even soft board pin on the back side.
Happy Claying People 🙂

Thank you SAUMYA for that amazing tutorial. I can’t wait to try that out.

She can be reached at Facebook –

For inquiry and order pls drop a line at [email protected] or PM her.

Here are some more stuff from her page that I loved.



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