How to make a Melted Crayon Monogram Wall Art

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You’ve seen them on Pinterest. They’re being sold on Etsy. These gorgeous melted crayon works of art are all over the Internet. To be completely honest, I’ve always wanted to do this because it just seems like fun and it looks pretty cool, but I’ve never tried using crayon shavings before. There may be nothing new about recycling crayons, but there’s magic in creating something  new & personalized with what we have lying around the house, Here’s

How to make a Melted Crayon Monogram Wall Art

Melted crayon Monogram Wall Art , crayon shaving, rainbow art,

Materials to make the Melted Crayon Monogram Wall Art

  • White Canvas board – A4 size, square, the bigger the better.
  • Lots of crayons – we used really cheap variety ones that were no good to color.
  • Washi tape / duct tape
  • Monogram Letter paper cutout
  • Sharpeners or a Grater
  • Heat gun or an oven


Steps to make your Melted Crayon Monogram Wall ArtMonogrammed Melted Crayon wall art for kids to make - Artsycraftsymom

We got together at Juhi Khanna‘s house for this easy craft. The above pic has both our daughters busy at work!

  • Gather your supplies. line your work area with old newspapers.
  • On the canvas board, make your letter of choice by lining duct tape or washi tapes. For the first & second canvas, we used a washi tape to make a P. Cut small strips to make curved surfaces. For the third canvas, we used a cutout of a paper monogram and stuck it using a glue stick.
  • Remove all the wrappers from the crayons, Get the kids to use a sharpener or a grate to make lots of crayon shavings. You can stick to warm colors like in the first frame,  mix and match like in the second canvas or use powdered crayon shavings arranged row wise in rainbow colors.

Monogrammed Melted Crayon wall art for kids to make - Artsycraftsymom

  • Once your canvas is covered, use a hot gun at low setting and carefully heat the crayon bits. Be careful as they melt really fast. Heat them just enough so that tiny blobs of color are formed. Alternately, you can just pop the canvas into a microwave oven for 10 seconds. If you mix the colors too much, the darker colors overpower the lighter ones and make one gooey mess. A beautiful mess, but still a mess!

melted crayon art-0779

  • You can also try the crayon drip method to create art pieces with perfect dots.
  • Let dry
  • Once its completely cooled, peel off the duct tape or washi tape or paper monogram to reveal your Melted crayon Monogram Wall Art masterpiece!


We came back home & made another as a gift for a friend.

Our masterpiece with crayon shavings that were powdered and arranged in rainbow colored rowsMelted Crayon Monogram Wall Art _1


The finished product makes great teacher gifts, favors for birthday parties, or as a backdrop for parties or as a Nursery decor . Have fun experimenting with different color combos and  shapes– and use this opportunity to chat with your children about everything from the basic chemistry of wax properties changing, to where colors fall on a color wheel. Have fun! If you liked this post, Feel free to share the below image on pinterest

Melted crayon Monogram Wall Art , crayon shaving, rainbow art,


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  1. I love this idea, but my canvas has staples, so the microwave method is a no no. Can it be done in a conventional oven? If so, what do you recommend for temperature and time?

    1. A non porous material works best. Melted crayon tends to be oily and construction paper could tear. Use butter paper and then stick on construction paper .. canvas board or MDF works best. Hope that helps