How to Upcycle Glass Jars – Decoupage DIY Tutorial

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I am a hoarder. I love collecting bottles, bottle caps, kitchen rolls,  wrapping paper, magazines basically anything that’s craft worthy!  I am always at a loss for what to do with them. And then I met the gorgeous Juhi Khanna – of the Juhi’s Handmade Cards fame. She invited me home [ Oh! I loved her craft room and that amazing skylight at her home] and we got crafting one Sunday! Here’s

How to Upcycle Glass Jars – Decoupage DIY Tutorial decoupage glass jar

Materials for the upcycled glass jar

  • An old mason jar
  • Sand paper
  • Old paper from a novel or dictionary
  • Modge podge
  • Colored cutouts
  • Scissors
  • Brushes
  • Glue gun
  • Ric rac
  • Paper flowers
  • Old rag
  • Newspapers

Here ‘s a Video Tutorial on How to Upcycle Glass Jars – Decoupage DIY Tutorial

To Make –

A Decoupage DIY Tutorial

  1. Layer your table or work area with Newspapers.
  2. Clean the glass bottle of all stickers, dirt & grime using soap & a rag.  Let dry.
  3. Rub a sandpaper on its outer smooth face. This helps the decoupaged paper stick better .
  4. Tear out small pieces of an old novel or dictionary.
  5. Starting from the curved edges – apply a layer of modge podge using a brush and layering small strips of the paper.
  6. Cover the whole bottle. Let dry.
  7. Apply a second layer of Glossy Modge evenly over the whole bottle.
  8. Stick on some patterned paper or cardstock. Apply modge podge. You can use stickers or paper cutouts.
  9. Once completely dry, twirl some Ric rac or some twine around the neck to hide any spots that you might have missed at the top. Secure with a glue gun.
  10. Embellish with paper flowers using a glue gun. . Leave overnight to dry.
  11. The gorgeous upcycled bottle is ready. Use it as a pen stand or as a flower holder .

This project is so easy to make & looks gorgeous. Will add an instant style factor to your work bench or study table.

How to Upcycle Glass Jars - Decoupage DIY Tutorial

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