The Very Busy Spider & Hungry Caterpillar Craft

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Learn how to make a hungry caterpillar craft & a butterfly that’s a perfect activity for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and a very busy spider for Eric Carle’s books

Another Saturday and another class.. But things were different this time. I now have a marketing manager, a smart savvy 5 year old, who  went and freely invited all her garden friends – “My mummy is taking craft classes on Saturday. Come to my house” LOL. and we went from 3 to 8 kids [ including Lil p] . The theme for the class this time was “A Bugs’s life”.

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Learn how to make a hungry caterpillar craft & a butterfly that's a perfect activity for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and a very busy spider for Eric Carle's books

The Very Busy Spider & Hungry Caterpillar Craft

We made a Hungry caterpillar , a fluttering butterfly.. and incy-wincy spider to creep things out a bit 😀
Items bought from the itsy-bitsy HSR store – Pipe cleaner, Beads, Thermocol balls, Black pipe cleaner, paint , handmade paper , crayons,

Learn how to make a hungry caterpillar craft & a butterfly that's a perfect activity for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and a very busy spider for Eric Carle's books

To make The very Hungry Caterpillar craft

  1. Twist 2 Green pipe cleaners together and bend into a worm shape.
  2. Bead some cute plastic beads through and you have a simple caterpillar ready.
  3. Cut a Green leaf from some handmade paper and using a paper punch make some holes to show that the caterpillar ate them

To make The very Hungry Caterpillar – Butterfly craft

  1. We traced a butterfly on a paper & cute it out. Colored the borders a thick black color.
  2. Next color the wings.
  3. String a thin metal wire through its center and attach a long stick at the other end.
  4. Now ask the kids to run around the room and watch as the butterfly flutters its wings.

To make the The Very Busy Spider

  1. Color the 2 Thermocol / Styrofoam balls ( One big for the body & a smaller one for the head ) black using poster colors.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Using a wooden skewer make 3 holes on the body from one end to the other. Be careful not to poke yourself
  4. String a black pipe cleaner from one end to the other and bend to resemble legs.
  5. Stick on 2 large googly eyes and you are done.

I had planned to read aloud the Hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle but in the midst of the craft class my 7 month old Persian kitten jumped out the first floor balcony and ran away.. Hubby went searching for it for 15 mins.. while I waited with  8 kids at hand. When I could take it no more, I gave them the butterfly craft to color, asked hubby to monitor them and went down. Luckily I found the kitten within minutes hiding under a car nearby.. pretty scared. He’s alright btw.

Lil P however is feeling rather jealous that I’m paying attention to other kids too. Her temper tantrums got a little too much to handle today.. Sigh. Snacks for the kids – Jam & cheese mini sandwiches, Cheese balls, Apple juice and Honey loops. No guesses – the cheese balls and honey loops were the first to finish. All in all , it was a pretty exciting day today!!

My happy Crafters

 What do you think??

The crafts have been inspired by Eric Carle’s books and are a tribute for his birthday – 25th June

For millions of kids the world over, Eric Carle’s illustrations are probably their first introduction to the world of art. Celebrate this incredible artist with 20 Cute and Colorful Eric Carle Crafts for Kids


the very hungry caterpillar 01

Next week its going to be underwater special.. Lil P is my creative director too 😉


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  1. Wow!! They look so good Shruthi. I really wish you lived near my house. My kid would be the first one to join. 🙂

  2. look at my brat grinning, he loves the class and u have a 4.5 yr marketing agent here too 🙂 he has already got u one student and has been telling every else about the class 🙂

  3. @Shalini – settled in pune? Artsy craftsy family misses ur posts.. hope u settle down soon and start blogging again 🙂
    @Art – Sure. arrange it for me 🙂
    @Anuradha – I’ll do tutorials soon. Distance won’t matter then..
    @Saamy – Hi there. New here? Thank you so much.
    @Mon – Yes yes. He is adorable. My most obedient student of all times. N i love his soft voice.
    @mansi – Thanks. I’m having a lot of fun too.
    @swapna , Sharda, Jennifer – Thank you 🙂

  4. wonderful!!! looks like the classes are going great! wish we could be a part of it too!!

  5. wow!!!

    the crafts looks lovely and creative!

    just wondering if this class too is free??

  6. @Hunter – Well no. It was not free. But not many paid 🙁
    @R’s mom – I want to comment on ur blog.. all u WP wale.. have barred us from doing so 🙁