I lost…

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It was a small white bottle standing inconspicuous among other things.. Just hidden, as if calling out to me. Beseeching me. I stared at it long and hard.. It was so tempting, I had to just reach for it and it would end all my problems (or so I thought)..

I was tired of the constant fights, the tears, watching u suffer .I couldn’t bear it anymore. I was tired of people telling me to be patient.. that time would heal.

I reached for it…. and carefully poured it out.. I called u over and u came, unsuspecting, innocent! I told u it would be good for u (and me) and u drank it.. I watched as a slow tear rolled down my cheek.. I stroked ur cheek.. touched ur hair hoping this would all end very soon..


Caught u didn’t I?? I was talking abt the antibiotics bottle.. After struggling with lil P’s cold, cough n fever for 3 days, I finally gave in and started the antibiotics course.

I sent an urgent SOS to my mom.. who ( bless her) caught the next train to blore so that I could go to office!.. After urgent calls to lil P’s school, the day care, the bus drivers.. that lil P would not be joining them for another 3 days. I thought I had it all under control.. and then …. I fell sick!

I’m reminded of the pediatrician’s words – “You can either drink lots of water and sleep and ur fever will go in 7 days.. or take antibiotics and you’ll be better in a week!!”


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