I miss you already!

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Its dussehra holidays and lil p is spending time with her grandparents in Belgaum.

I planned that once Lil p goes,

I would read all novels in the world… but why does my mind constantly wander off the plot to think abt what lil P must be doing rt now..

I would sleep all the time…. but now when I try to sleep, I miss her breath so close to mine.. I miss her holding my hand tightly while asleep

I would get some 1-1 time with hubby dearest.. but why do we feel like two lost puppies when we enter our home..

I would get all pending tasks completed… but I just seem to have lost my track..

I would paint like I have never painted before… but no ideas strike my mind anymore..

My darling lil P.. Its day 1 of u you being away from mommy… n I’m already missing u sooooooo much!

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  1. I bet she’s having a whale of a time away from you guys , enjoying with ajji ..
    I’m getting the feeling there will also be another post soon once she’s back complaining about all that free time gone with the wind !!

  2. gosh! So she is not the age when you can actually heave a sigh of relief when she visits grandparents?:P
    Pardon me…I’ve seen the sister do exactly that, but I believe the nephew was 4, and a total brat 😀

  3. So sweet, Shruti, “My darling lil P.. Its day 1 of u you being away from mommy… n I’m already missing u sooooooo much!”

    For this, I’ll let you be first on Meira’s blog next 😛


  4. Awww.. I can so relate to you. Sometimes, over the weekends, I’ll wait so that is my son’s nap time. So that I can get some work done during that time. But then some time later, when it is all quiet in the house, I’ll want him toi wake up and jump all around with his cars and trains 🙂

  5. Got here from The Print Lover’s blog. Really nice. I have a daughter who loves art and am constantly looking for projects for her. Loved your craft blog as well 🙂 Am sure your daughter will be back before you even know it 🙂

  6. @Meira! LOL!! Noooooooo Lil p is an angel .. ya i need the break… but i’m glad its just for 15 days..
    @Lost world: you bet! I called her n she said ” My eating dosa. Bye mommy” and hung up on me! .. Hehe n u know me so well now!!
    @Aryan’s mom: Sigh. Seperation pangs..
    @Savitha : Welcome here 🙂 do ping me plss..
    @Dil se : I know… I do the same thing!
    @Sands : welcome here 🙂 Lots of crafty things yet to be uploaded.. will do soon. do keep visiting.
    @AJ: Thanks 🙂 .. by the time i really start enjoying.. the break will b over!