India Independence Day Special Crafts – Paper Peacock and Crepe Paper Lotus

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India Independence Day Special Crafts – Learn to make an adorable Paper Peacock and Crepe Paper Lotus – The National Bird and flower of India with Kids. 
Learn about India with these simple crafts celebrating the National Symbols of India – The Peacock & Lotus.  These crafts are a part of the mega Post – 70 INDIA INDEPENDENCE DAY CRAFTS AND ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS

National Bird of India – Make a Paper Peacock Craft

Paper Peacock Craft 5

The peacock is a symbol of royalty throughout the world and none more so than in India where peacocks live in the wild. These peacocks make a great 3D display in the classroom or they can be hanging in the classroom from the ceiling. The peacock is the National bird of India. It’s certainly one of God’s most beautiful creatures, and even young children can make this easy paper craft.

Materials required for the Paper Peacock India Craft

Paper Peacock Craft 2
  1. Colored paper – Blue & Green
  2. Googly Eyes
  3. Flower stamens
  4. Orange Foam
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue Stick
  7. Finger Paints or Tempera Colors – Green, Blue, Gold

To Make the Paper Peacock follow these steps –

Watch the Video Tutorial 


Paper Peacock Craft 4

Cut out an 8 Inch circle out of green construction paper and an 8 shaped peacock body out of blue construction paper. Cut out beak and feet from Orange foam as shown in the figure.

Paper Peacock Craft 1

Stick the body onto the feathered green circle adding the flower stamen in between the two. Now stick on Googly eyes, the beak, and feet of the peacock.

Paper Peacock Craft 3

Dip your child’s finger in green and place dots around the back uniformly. Let dry. Then add blue dots overlapping the green dots. Finally, once it’s completely dry, using the hard end of a paintbrush, add gold dots on top of the blue. And your craft is ready.

Paper Peacock Craft 6


This was an old post and the crafts were done by kids from my apartment, way back in 2012. We used coffee filters, blue & green glass paints, Blue construction paper, googly eyes, orange foam, gold acrylic color, glitter & flower stamens. We added drops of blue & green glass colors on the coffee filter and then added gold dots.

The art project was so cute. First, the kids colored a coffee filter with blue & green glass paints and I sprayed them with water. While that was drying, they put together the body. I just cut one free-hand. They glued on a beak and eyes and picked out some flower stamens for the crest. Those are taped on the back of the head. Added the eyes, beak, and feet. then after a good dose of glitter our pretty Indian peacock was ready.


National Flower of India – Make a Crepe Paper Lotus Craft

Crepe Paper Lotus Craft 1 5

Then we made crepe paper lotus .. Lotus is the National Flower of India.


Watch the Video Tutorial


Crepe Paper Lotus Craft 2

Cut pink floral crepe paper into a wide rectangle, about 4 by 12 inches, with the paper grain running vertically. Another circle about 6-inch diameter in green crepe paper & a 3 x3 inch square piece in yellow.

Crepe Paper Lotus Craft 3

Make an accordion fold along the pink paper’s length – about 1/2 inches wide.

Crepe Paper Lotus Craft 1

Using regular scissors, cut “petals”: Cut into 1 long side at 3/4-inch intervals, leaving a 1-inch margin along opposite side.

Crepe Paper Lotus

Without stretching crepe paper, cut rounded points at the end of each petal. Crepe Paper Lotus Craft 4

Roll the lotus petals around a stick or finger and secure at the bottom with a tape.  Coil pink rectangle, petals up, wrapping it snugly but not so tight that you stretch the paper.  Starting with the outside petals, shape each by gently stretching and curving the crepe paper. Then bend the petals back to open the blossom. Roll the yellow crepe piece into a ball and stick to the center.

Crepe Paper Lotus Craft 1 3


We ended our class with some face painting of the Indian Tri colors.. some kids got their hands painted instead of their cheeks. The happy faces for you

Independence day special craft

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