Indian Mythological Party – 7th Birthday Celebrations

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This year too, the birthday party was a last min preparation. As always, I had a lot of stuff to arrange and  the theme took the last precedence.We zeroed in on a Indian Mythological Themed party for Lil P’s 7th Birthday. Thanks Arthi for the lovely idea..


Mythological Party Invite


Lilp 7th birthday

The gorgeous lehenga that Lil P is wearing was gifted by my sister.. Bought it from Roop Sangam (Jayanagar, 4th Block) ..

We had a lot of suggestions from the Facebook group Mums in Bangalore & Blr-craft-lovers .. But given the time constraints, we kept it as simple as we could. The party hall was very big and decorating it was a tough job. We decided to stick to one wall only. We found these really cute Bird shaped balloons in jayanagar shopping complex.. They were stuck on walls like a forest theme.. We stuck some “ganesha” decorations – Lil P called it the Rainbow waterfall… on the main wall.

Dress up corner 
All the kids were asked to come in an Indian ethnic wear. Once they arrived, they were taken to the dress up corner… Me n mom had cut up golden cardboard crowns and arm bands for the kids. The kids decorated them with shiny stickers.

Indian mythological party DIY crown

Once that was done, I had bought Golden Net cloth and we used them as veils.. The girls loved it on their heads.. the boys improvised and tied them on their waists..

 Indian mythological party dressup

We had decorated a chair as the Throne and also kept some bows n arrows & a sword as props for the kids to pose with and get their pics clicked.

Indian mythological party props

We drew a fish on a white board marker and asked the kids to aim for the fish’s eye ala Arjuna.

Indian mythological party activity

Then we had a Hanuman Race.. We had laid down a carpet on one end of the hall and asked the kids to cross over from India (one end of the carpet) to Lanka (other end of the carpet) hopping over the sea (the carpet) while holding a gadha ( a gadha shaped balloon)

After that we had Musical chairs.. Instead we called it the save your throne game ( Gaddi Sambhal)

Indian mythological party games 
We had ordered an amazing Story book shaped cake from bellsandcandles – Eggless, Black Forest flavour. The delivery was prompt and everyone loved the shape and the taste. Instead of blowing out the candle, we did a 7 diya aarti for Lil P.
Storybook shaped cake
The food was traditional Indian Fare – Mini masala dosa, Poori sabji, gulab jamuns, kosambri, bonda, pulav, rice, rasam, sambar, curd, icecream, paan, papads as we have a very large family and most prefer traditional south Indian fare. 
Return Gifts
We ordered the Complete Mythology Collection series from Amar Chitra Katha as return gifts..
Thank you Note –
thankyou note

Some more ideas that we wanted to try but did not get the time to do 

  1. Have a large board with ACK book cover border for people to write their wishes for Lil P 
  2. Have a Pookolam / Rangoli designs as part of the decor..
  3. Have ACK themed buntings.. 

It was a fun evening with family and friends.. what do you think of the theme and idea??? 

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  1. BEautiful party! And Love Love Li’l P n her dress.. she makes such a beautiful Rajkumari! 😀
    And everything so well planned and executed..hats off Shruti!

  2. Awesome party Shruti and your lil girl has grown up..looking very beautiful in that lehanga..think of another name for referring her on your blog….:-)

  3. awesome theme and great execution…
    Lil P looks gorgeous and beautiful…
    as I was reading the menu for food, my mouth was watering…any day, anytime I prefer south indian too 🙂
    good luck and best wishes to lil P

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