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“Summer means happy times and good sunshine.”

This quote by musician Brian Wilson is possibly the best way to describe summer – anywhere in the world! And if you’re in India in 2017, I’m pretty sure you are getting enough and more of ‘good sunshine’!

Temperatures are soaring and humidity levels are hitting an all-time high in Bangalore these days. When it’s this hot, going out with Miss P isn’t exactly an appealing prospect. There is only so much patience that we can muster when you’re dripping with sweat and getting dehydrated!

So the BIG question was where do we take Miss P, that doesn’t involve sitting in dark rooms, leaving the country or melting in the heat outside? We’ve just found the one option that checks all these boxes – Iona, the brand new multi-storey family entertainment centre at Virginia Mall in Bangalore!

Iona – The Ultimate Entertainment Spot

iONA Apr2017

Iona is the ultimate gaming and entertainment spot in Bangalore, and makes the perfect place to spend your summer days! There’s a lot to keep everyone busy – no matter how old you are, whether you’re a man or a woman, a CEO or homemaker! And bring everyone along to this non-stop party – there are plenty of group activities too!

A Family that Plays together, Stays together!

Given our busy lives these days, most families spend too much time apart – either at home/school or in front of their gadgets. If you’d like some screen-free time for the whole family to bond, then there’s nothing like Iona to achieve this!

iONA Apr2017 5575

With an entire floor dedicated to Bangalore’s best arcade games, there’s something for everyone, from toddlers to grandparents. Let Mom and Dad let go of their disciplinarian roles for the day and go crazy on the Virtual Roller Coaster.

Bring grandparents and grandkids together in a game of PAC-MAN smash, where they can play each other in a frenzied battle of the pucks! An unforgettable day for the whole family is guaranteed!

iONA Apr2017 5694

And that’s not all – Iona is also equipped to entertain family meets with their various family party packages. So little Ricky’s third birthday, Grandma and Grandpa’s 40th anniversary or Sara’s graduation – every special moment can be celebrated in style. And before you leave, gather the family together for some clicks at the Iona Museum of Selfies. Make sure these fun moments are preserved forever!

All Work and no Play makes Shruti a dull girl 😉

I don’t work in a formal office setting anymore, but I miss the fun times at my previous company. Hanging out with my office friends over an afternoon of games and food was an AMAZING break to get our creative juices flowing.

We invariably would have to travel 60+ kms outside the city to resorts wasting time & effort in the commute. Now, team bonding sessions needn’t be drab events held in a boring location anymore. Spice things up and ensure wholehearted, organic bonding by bringing the entire team to Iona.

With team activities and fun games, you can’t think of a better environment to build your team’s spirit!

iONA Apr2017 6718

Help newcomers break the ice with a cool interactive game of virtual cricket. Let the seniors release their stress on the super-cool rooftop football pitch. Foster good teamwork with a go at India’s very first Silver Lane bowling with a glow-lit alley and carpet!

Work was never this fun!

Iona has all kinds of offers and packages specially tailored for corporate events as well as regular occasions like farewell parties. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a huge multinational company or a startup – there are plans for all budgets and group sizes. The offers aren’t just for the games and activities; you also get good deals on the food and drinks packages.

Why should you choose Iona?

Iona isn’t your standard, vanilla gaming center. For starters, Iona features many world-class games and activities that are made available for the first time in India.

iONA Apr2017 5482

The Clip n Climb Zone, for instance, is the only place in Bangalore for indoor rock climbing and rappelling. The Silver Lane bowling alley is also a first in India, which enables you to have a blast even with the lights out!

iONA Apr2017 6791

Iona is also the first entertainment center in South India to get two rooftop football pitches – five floors above city traffic!

My personal favorite is the Speed of Light game, an international favorite that’s in India for the first time, where the players need to move at the ‘speed of light’. How cool is that!!

iONA Apr2017 6358

As a Mom, I’m all for games that promote physical activity, and that’s something that’s excellently handled at Iona. With rock climbing, bowling, cricket, and football, there are plenty of options to get those muscles moving.

Besides these, Iona also has a Multi Sports Pitch, which features a special, imported turf to play all kinds of sports like Box cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Badminton and more!

And if you’re just looking for a way to de-stress after a hard day, you’re at the right place.

iONA Apr2017 6255

Escape reality at the VR-Zone which has activities like Whiplash-360, Virtual Roller Coaster, and a 7D cinematic experience. Go for some non-violent stress release with games like Pirate Hook, Sharp Shooter, Ticket Monster, Fruit Ninja and Thunder. You can also spot your favorite characters at the Kung Fu Panda and Minion Whacker sections!

At the end of a fun day, you can spend time lounging about in the international food court, which is the first of its kind in India. Relax, and choose from a multitude of cuisines from around the world. Or you can just sip away on a delicious cocktail at the swanky bar, made to your liking.

iONA Apr2017 6423

I know you probably can’t wait to get to Iona, after reading about everything it has to offer! And you don’t have to wait much longer either.

The official launch of Iona is on 11th May 2017, and guess who’s going to be present? Chris Gayle!!!!, the Jamaican cricket superstar! Chris is the official brand ambassador of Iona, and you can get to see him this Saturday at Virginia Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore.

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