Kanyakumari, Poovar

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We traveled 4 states in 3 weekends. I’m amazed too. First it was Chittor in AP. Then we went to Polibetta in Karnataka , Then kanyakumari in Tamilnadu & Poovar in kerala.

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It was the long weekend for ID & Ganesh Chaturti. Plus a 2 day leave meant a week long holiday.. an opportunity not to be missed or so we thought 😉 .. There was Hubby’s colleague’s marriage also in the same time frame. We caught the Tuticorin Express 16732, Got down at Kovilpatti station where a taxi was waiting for us.. after a quick breakfast, we reached Hotel Tamilnadu at kanyakumari by 12.
Visited all local sights – Thiruvalluvar Statue, Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Gandhi mantapam that was rt next to where we stayed. Missed the Sunset as it was very cloudy… 

kanyakumari poovar

There is a Sunset View Point and a Sunrise view point very close to the hotel. It was then that Lil P fell really really sick. She complained of severe cramps and stomach ache on our way back from the boat ride to Rock Memorial.. and by the time we reached the room she had high fever.. Though she slept soundly, The fever got us worried. and this was just day 1 of our trip and we had another 4 days of bookings ahead of us. Morning when the fever came down we went to a local doctor at Nagarcoil.. She had throat infection and he suggested some high dose of antibiotics.. Lil P as regular readers might be aware is very very fussy and its a nightmare to feed her her meds.. n I Dread giving her antibiotics cos u need to take care of the dosage and timings. Anyway a frantic call was made to my local ped at blore .. He suggested some other cough med & crocin to control the fever and told us to take it slow but keep traveling.. Since we had a very comfortable taxi we went to see the Thiruparrapu Falls & hanging bridge. After 2 sleepless nights, I was exhausted too and insisted that I just wanted to stay back in some resort.. we went to stay at this gorgeous gorgeous place – Isola Di Cocco in Poovar .. and what a relaxing 3 days it was.. Lil p also enjoyed it and recovered well. 


We stayed in a quaint cottage with an open to sky bathroom.. and a tiny rainy corner in the middle of the living area. So relaxing to watch the rain fall inside the room. We also visited the Gorgeous Padmanabha Swamy temple & Palace. We got special darshan and could watch the rooms in close quarters before the temple opened to general public.
As you can see, We are putting our DSLR to good use.. Still learning – Its frustrating yet exciting all at the same time. Fell in love with Kerala all over again..

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  1. Hope the little girl has recouped fully.. Nice pics! Kerala is a heaven on earth really.. this post reminds me of my trip to poovar with my friends and that post is still in the draft– had abandoned it b’cos i was unable to upload few pics.. will go back and see:)

  2. @R’s Mom: It was so scary.. she had severe cramps and Very high fever with chills. seemed like 2 totally unrelated symptoms.. We took abt 700 pics.. But i’m still weary from all that traveling. Couldn’t download them all.
    @Vidya: She is fine.. but I fell sick and thats y this long absence from blogging. U shud complete your post 🙂 This is only my 2nd visit to kerala..I want to explore it so much more.

  3. Glad u hd fun and lilP recovered well too! AM soo J of the amount of travelling u hv been dng Shru 😉
    Lovely pics from the resort esp. 🙂

  4. Lovely pics 🙂 Good hear that lil P is back to normal and kudos to you! I would have turned into a paranoid and nervous wreck and caught the first flight home and then been miserable for the rest of the week!

  5. Wow..the pics are superb.
    Glad that LilP recovered nicely.. know what u mean by scary when kids fall sick while away from home..
    P.S: wondering what happened to Artsy Craftsy?

  6. @Shalini : This is only my 2nd visit 🙂 I love their attitude too.
    @Swaram: Ahh.. n Ouch.. Pls don’t be J.. Ask my bones the torture it is traveling back to back.
    @Manasi.. I take to husband bashing.. Blame everything on him.. Break a few items n then calm down.. My man is made of stone I tell you! Nothing fazes him 🙂
    @Priya: Just got lazy.. Would you like a delayed artsy-craftsy?