Lil p’s 1st PJ!!

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Lil P has always enjoyed humour.. the slapstick, in ur face kinds.. Like if u say baa baa black “cow” instead of “sheep” she’ll roll on the floor laughing!! .. But she never attempted it on her own.
Last week she had “yellow” day at her school.. all kids came dressed in yellow. On our way back home this was our conversation
Me: What did you do in school? Everybody wore yellow-yellow ??
Lil P : Essss.. Dirty Dirty Yellow!
Me: Dirty Dirty Yellow??
Lil P : Dirty Dirty Yellow .. sitting on a buffallo.. n laughed like there was nothing more funnier..

This PJ was told to every1 .. Her dad, grandparents, dolls, every1 had to hear it again and again and laugh :p
I thought I should record her first PJ for memories sake!!

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  1. @Solilo: LOL I remember the yellow yellow dirty fellow too! 🙂 Soo cute isn’t it?
    @Mohan: hehe. thanks.
    @Swaram: Shes still cracking up on that PJ.. Me thinks its time to introduce her to other PJs
    @Meira : lol. Lil p’s dad is a PJ king.. Its in the genes i think.
    @lostworld: haha.. one day for sure. I’ll get her to ur house n let her eat ur head till u scream to never get her back :p!!
    @Sakhi : the best part is if i tell that joke, she won’t find it funny… but one of her friends told it n she thot that guy was the funniest chap in the world!!!
    @Neelum : I was in red house.. there was something like red red go to bed or something!! LOL Childhood!!
    @Priyanka: Ya. Their laughter is sooo pure! Its amazing to watch a child laughing till she has tears in her eyes!!

  2. Shruti, hugs to Lil’P! We also did the same in our childhood days!
    Like solilo said, Yellow yellow dirty fellow! 🙂 😛 😀

  3. @Priya 🙂
    @Shruti : Lol Ya! i remembered my childhood too!
    @Ec , pseudo intellectual, swati & Aryan’s mom: Thanks
    @AJ: Just a lil issues .. was not in the mood to blog.