Mamma tell me an apple story..

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Lil P has this habit of asking for “a special story , special for me mamma”. What it means is that she chooses the characters and I have to weave a story about a little girl (Lil P. Who else?) and that character. Sometimes its easy like a cat / dog.. even a dragon.. sometimes the characters leave me stumped! Like the last time we were travelling by train, she asked for a “Special Apple story” . Now pray tell me.. what can be an apple story!!!

Well I did concoct one and also shared a few pics from my hubby’s mobile. The next morning, I had a shock when the other passengers in my cube told me what a wonderful story it was! I was embarrassed to say the least.. but hey! A mother’s got to do what a mother’s got to do!

So here’s the story in words n pictures for u..
[The pics have been randomly picked from the net. If you are the owner and have an objection to it, please mail me and I’ll have it removed]
[This story is my very own creation and is copyrighted. Please do not copy or share and it cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you want to post it or publish it, please get in touch with me before doing so. ]

One day a little girl went with her mamma to the super market.. There were lots of things to buy.. There were biscuits and milk and vebetables and lots of fruits… There the little girl saw something shiny and red.

It was an apple.. a red juicy one smiling at her.

Apple with Leaf WB md1
“Mumma, I want this apple” said the little girl. “This is special one for me.” . So mumma let her hold the apple in her hand till they reached checkout and paid for it.
When they reached home, the little girl took it to her room and held it tight as she slept…
The apple was a smiley apple .. and the little girl was very happy to play with it. The apple said “Come with me, I will show you my home. Its in a far away place in Himachal pradesh.” So they went by train to a far place in India. There were mountains and rivers and beautiful forests in the little capital city, Shimla.
I grew on a apple tree.. in a beautiful orchard. There are lots and lots trees where my brothers and sisters and cousins grew. Come look.” said the apple taking the little girl with him.
“But Oh!!! What happened to the trees?? Where are all the apples and all the leaves??” said the little girl very sad.
Oz Farm espaliered apples winter
“Don’t worry. Now its December. Its winter here. All the leaves and apples fall off the tree in winter” said the clever apple.
“When it gets warmer in the March, April and May, My tree will bloom. There will lots and lots of beautiful flowers. Light pink and beautiful whites.”
Apple Flowers Tree
and then you can see tiny green leaves and some apples.
Apple Leaves
apple tree in summer www
“By October the same tree will be full of apples”
apple tree1
“and the farmer will pick me and we travel to far away places, just like how I met you. “
“Ohhhhhhhh” said the little girl very happily. “Thank you for showing me your home.”
Do all your brothers and sisters look like you dear apple?” asked the little girl now dancing.
“No. Some are big, some are small, some are green some are golden brown” giggled the apple.
apples recipetips
“Wow. I’d like to meet them all one day. “ said the little girl.
“Do you know something else? I’m very good for your health too. I will make your cheeks red and your body strong.” continued the apple. “So don’t forget to eat me.”
The little girl woke up and realized it was a dream. The red apple was still in her hands. She ran to her mumma and said with joy “Mumma. I want to eat this apple now. It is my favorite fruit.”

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  1. Very cute and a wonderful story and yes you are a great storyteller. I am dreading the day when my daughter wants me to weave stories. But given her love for books I am sure the day is not too far off.

  2. Very very beautiful story Shru. I loved it too 🙂 🙂 Hugs to lil’P for bringing out this wonderful author in her Mom 🙂