How to paint a Mango Tree

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Finger painting mango tree


Another fun activity. Hand painting.. I painted Lil P’s hand brown and asked her to put the imprint on paper. Then we painted the forefinger green n made the leaves. Lil P’s facination with mangoes continues .. so some yellow dots here and there and we have a mango tree ready!

We did this using water colors on an A4 sheet. This can be done using acrylic colors on a T-shirt too. Acrylic colors are easy to remove from kids hands as they peel off once dry. Would make a great Birthday day gift (for your spouse) don’t u think?

PS: If you are painting on a Tee make sure you put a cardboard between the layers before you start off.


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  1. Wow! Reminded me of those days in school when we used to do the finger-painting stuff!

    Nice that u do these things with Lil’P 🙂

    N thanks for the Payasam 😛

  2. Hi Shruti,
    Great to see another mum and daughter duo having fun … thanks, for dropping by my blog and joining my circle of friends.Hope to hear from you often on the blog.

  3. @Rohini : Thanks!
    @Swaram : Ya! I used to love doing the same things with my mom.. Life’s come full circle n i’m loving it.
    @Rajee : Yup! consider me a regular @ ur blog.
    @Priyanka : What a fun way to preserve their hand prints. I might just frame it.
    @meira : Thanks 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful idea, would love to try it out with my kiddo – Rekha

  5. Hi Shruti,
    My little 2 year old and I got together and made this hand print tree painting for the hubby’s Bday.he just lived it.Thanks a ton for blogging about this lovely lovely tree


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