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On Friday , we had an exciting blog meet at Artβ€˜s house in booβ€˜s honor 
Mamma mia Abha, JLT, Monika, Poppin’s Mom, Aryan’s mom, Starry, Collection of stars, P, A, and Boo with their lovely kids.Mommy bloggers Rock!!!


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Sunday,we went on a trip to Mekedaatu
About 90 Kms from Bangalore on the kanakpura road, lies the sangama of Rivers Arkavati and Cauvery. Its a local touristy place that I was visiting for the first time.


We started around 12.30 in the noon and reached Art of living around lunch time.. There is a restaurant called Vaishnavi Palace just before Art of Living main gates on the right side. Its very easy to miss.. just look out for a compound with these gorgeous flowers..
We were caught in some lovely showers.. for most parts, the climate remained awesome. 
There were many lakes full of lotus blossoms.. Found some natives using ingenious methods to pluck them.. 
 The winding roads,
 The faraway hills
 Occasional company.. meke ( goats )
DSC05979 1
 The sangama of Arkavathi & Cauvery
A coracle ride takes you to the other bank..
DSC06078 1
Finally reaching the spot… where the purported Goat (Meke) had crossed (daatu) the gorge.



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  1. Mekedatu!! filing this info for a future trip there.. sounds like a fun tip..and, the blogger’s meet must have been fun too.

  2. Awesome awesome meet looks like – so many of you! Must’ve been great fun!

    And Mekedaatu brings back so many memories except that there never was so much water anytime there! Lovely pictures…

  3. Oh my gosh.. are all those blogger moms?? wow!! so many of you!! Lovely… That would have been an amazing meet..

    I love the place you’ve been to.. Its simply stunning.. I can smell the wet soil.. sitting at my desk.. *sigh*.. the sound of those raindrops.. *sigh*..

    Oh.. Shruti.. Im so so envious!!

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead..

  4. @R’s mom: The blog meet was awesome.. met boo, and art’s kid for the first time.
    @Priya: Thanks priya. It was a sudden trip.. no planning. I guess that works the best
    @saritha: πŸ™‚ yes it was.
    knottygal: Mekedatu was fun for a day event. Not too far off and the weather was just perfect for a long drive πŸ™‚
    @swaram: shift to bangalore!!! I so so soooo want to meet you.
    @RS: Really? Actually the water looked rather dirty.. there was some contamination last year I think.
    @notyet100 πŸ™‚
    @Patricia: Ohhh there are so many awesome mommy bloggers in Bangalore. Its like an extended family. πŸ™‚ I love the smell of wet soil just when it starts raining.
    @Sarmistha: Thank you so much πŸ™‚
    @Nayana: Thank you. Have I seen you here before??? Welcome Welcome πŸ™‚
    @Ambika: I wonder why we never went there in the last 9 years!! πŸ™‚

  5. Great Meet! Love the pics of the serene place…must be a wonderful meet; memories to cherish:)
    And once again Happy Birthday to MM!