Stitched with love! #MomBeAGirlAgain

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I recently came upon this quote about mothers: “A mother is a person who seeing that there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.” There are probably a million quotes about motherhood out there, and many of them are like the one above, stressing upon the sacrificial aspect of motherhood.


Earlier, I used to think that this was likely to be an overstatement – what’s so much to sacrifice? It was only when I became a Mom myself that I realized the truth in it!

Women across the world sacrifice a lot when they become mothers – health, mobility during pregnancy and early infancy, bladder control, spicy food, hot coffee, high heels, careers, long showers, financial independence – and so on! This list is unique to every Mom, but there’s one common thing that nearly every woman gives up in motherhood – her passion. It could be a hobby or an interest that made her eyes sparkle when she was a girl.

It’s been no different with me, I had to sacrifice crafting when my daughter was born. In between the endless cycle of feeding, changing and bathing, there was barely time to shower, forget about pulling out my supplies! Then came the toddler stage when everything was deemed edible by my daughter which meant all tiny items were under lock and key. As she grew, I got into the grind of corporate life and forgot about my passions. It was a random conversation with my Mom that got me to start crafting again. A huge craft buff herself, she told me to make some time for it during the weekend. I took her advice, I found myself crafting through the week and Artsy Craftsy Mom is the result!

My sacrifices reminded me about how much my Mom had to sacrifice for me and my sister when she was younger. Things were probably harder for her then, and there were fewer options. But in today’s digital age, everything is literally available at our fingertips! Now we can do everything we dream of and this is exactly what I want to tell my mother

Mom Be a Girl Again!

Dearest Ma,

artsycraftsymomLet me start by saying that I love you, although I’m sure you already know that!

Thanks to you, I have dared to dream, and I’ve had the courage and confidence to make those dreams come true. You have taught me that I can go as high as I choose, and make time for anything if I really want to. I now have a little girl of my own, and I will teach her the same lessons that you taught me. She shouldn’t let anything hold her back, and should feel free to spread out her wings and fly. 

But what about you, Ma? What about that girl who loved needlecraft? Who would spend every minute of her local train journey crocheting and stitching intricate cross stitch patterns? It’s stitched with Love, you would always say!

And now has her fine creations locked up in a trunk somewhere.

As your daughters grow and get busy in raising the next generation of brave women, it’s time for you to go back to being that girl. 

Your creativity isn’t meant to be locked in some wooden box forever, Ma.

It’s time to shake off the dust and let it out with renewed energy. And before you start with the excuses – yes, you have the time! Please go back to being that passionate girl with the spark in her eyes and magic at her fingertips. Continue to be an inspiration – for your daughters, your granddaughter and all the other women and girls around you. Your wooden box of supplies is waiting.  #MomBeAGirlAgain



I’m sure you’ve been reminded of your Mom and something that she loved doing before she got caught among life’s responsibilities. Tell me, how will you encourage your Mom to be a girl again?

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