Monster Corner Bookmark for Halloween

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This super cute Monster corner bookmark craft is fun and a great way to get the kids interested in books and reading. It’s also a Perfect Non-Candy Alternative to Trick or Treating this Halloween

My daughter is allergic to Chocolate and Candy, so each year I try to make a few Non-candy gifts for trick or treaters fr Halloween.  I know, I would have to get creative to make up for no candy this year too!

We have a lot of young kids in the apartment who are learning how to read. I thought it might be fun for all of them to have a bookmark monster that can bite their pages! Plus this was something that we could easily make in bulk with my daughter helping make some. 

In fact, if your kids love monsters then we have 10 Fun Monster Crafts for Kids 

Monster Corner Bookmark for Halloween

Monster Corner Bookmark Featured 1

Supplies Needed For This Monster Corner Bookmark

  • Colored Paper – Green, White, Blue, Orange, Yellow
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Black Marker
  • Some Chalk Markers (optional)

Monster Corner Bookmarks Video Tutorial

Making these monster bookmarks is easy peasy! Watch the tutorial below to see how I made them.

To see a detailed video with voice over, check out the longer version on my YouTube channel


Start by using a square piece of colored paper. If you don’t have a square to start with, Fold & Cut an A4 sheet or a Letter-Sized sheet to make a square. 

Step 1 – Fold the Square in Half

Step 2 – Fold in half again to make a smaller square quarter in size

Step 3 – Open it to see all the folded edges & 4 squares clearly

Monster Corner Bookmarks Step 1

Step 4 – Fold one of the corners to meet at the center point in the square as shown

Step 5 – Repeat at the opposite side and fold the corner inwards to touch the center

Step 6 – Open the square & cut along the M shaped impression on the paper. You will end up with 1 square & 2 triangles that are leftover.

Monster Corner Bookmarks Step 2

Step 7 – This is the basic template of a corner bookmark. Fold once triangle inwards

Step 8 – Fold the other triangle in such a way that the two triangles are on top of each other. You should see a pocket form just below the triangles. 

Step 9 – Using a glue stick, firmly stick the two triangles together. Our Basic Corner Bookmark is ready. 

Monster Corner Bookmarks Step 3

Let’s turn the Corner Bookmarks into Monsters

Step 10 – Draw a zig-zag pattern on a white sheet and using scissors, cut it out to make some teeth for our monster. You can make wide teeth, rectangle teeth, curved teeth, big teeth, or small. Totally up to you. You can add eyes to your monster by cutting out two white ovals or circles and adding a black dot to make the iris. Again, feel free to add one large eye or many smaller eyes. 

Step 11 – Maybe our Moster has horns. and a sticky tongue. Using colored paper, cut out tentacles, horns, or any other part of the monster. Stick it onto the corner bookmark using a glue stick.

Step 12 – Using a black marker, add patterns, and colorful dots.

Monster Corner Bookmarks Step 4

Voila! our Monster Corner Bookmarks are ready! They’re a quick and easy craft to do with kids, or to give as gifts for bookworms, or to keep for yourself…they’re so cute!

Monster Corner Bookmark FB 1

To use the bookmark slip on the corner of the page to know just where you left off. Let these little guys make reading a little more fun ? Enjoy!

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to read Monster books, and what goes better with those books than Monster Bookmarks! These bookmarks are adorable and will prove that monsters are not scary at all. Perfect for kids of all ages, especially those scared of monsters.

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