Mother’s world – Dec 2012 , Feb 2013 edition

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Ever since my crafts were featured in the inaugural version of Mom & Me’s new magazine – Mother’s world I have been hooked onto their quarterly editions. The 3rd Edition has Raveena Tandon talking about her life with her two kids as the cover story. I was surprised to read that she keeps them away from Hindi movies and tries to keep them grounded with no starry airs. That was such a pleasant surprise. I could relate to her as a mother and not as a actress.. a mother trying to do what’s best for her children.  The magazine is further divided into sections – Your Pregnancy – For expectant & young mothers – It has sections on Nourishment, and Fashion options.  I loved their feature on First time dads who shared their stories. Progressing to Your Infant – Dealing with their care, and fashion. Moving on to Your Toddler – this has yummy recipes to feed your fussy toddler , latest products & features. and finally the Your Bonds section – with arts and craft ideas and a feature on three mommy bloggers writing straight from their hearts. I loved their section When siblings are born , a true account of a mommy dealing with the birth of her second child and the effect it had on her first one. With a close friend who is going to experience the birth of her 2nd child very soon, I could not resist buying a copy of this magazine for her. The magazine also features a regular Q&A section by experts.

I love the magazine’s personal approach to dealing with everyday issues. I love common moms just like me writing about what worked for them. They have an impressive offer going on right now. Pay Rs 400 for a 1 year subscription of 4 issues and get the 5th issue FREE!.  Do log on to their Mothers-World site for more details.

Disclaimer – I have received a complimentary copy of this edition. I have not in any way been compensated for my views mentioned above. 

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