My babies

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Its time to introduce the newest member our house.. Golu.. He is my sister’s pet and spends time occasionally at our home too. Needless to say, We are in love with him. This pic is from when he was still a baby. He is an year old now..

1 my babies

We ( my mom, sis and me) are total animal lovers.. and have grown up around cats and dogs. I’m hoping Lil P also grows up  loving animals. Golu is super curious about everything that Lil p does. He follows her everywhere. Lil p is slightly scared of him as he has an uncanny habit of sneaking up to her suddenly and quietly. They both love to play hide and seek and eat curd! :p Muah to the babies in my life.

Do you own a pet too? How is your child’s relation with the pet? Do share ..

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  1. Aww that is such a cute kitty!! No we don’t have pets. I had dogs when I was growing up. But I can’t handle the responsibility of one right now. Maybe a few years down the line 🙂