My friend D’s mehendi function

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Last week, we attended my friend D’s Mehendi function .. The bride, D,  got intricate mehendi patterns done that covered her hands and legs.. Its a laborious process where the mehendi artist works on the bride for almost 6 – 8 hours. Here is a pic of the sultry bride.. The groom is one lucky guy!  Don’t you think so?
Divya Mehendi6874
Look at the details!! One hand features the groom and his name would be hidden within the design.
Divya Mehendi6887
The completed design.. and this is only the front part.. Notice the drum, the mango leaf, the peacock and the trumpet?
1 13 IMG 6914
 The hands completed…
1 21 IMG 6964
Someone else also got a mehendi design done on her tiny hands..
Divya Mehendi6941
Lil P admiring the artwork
Divya Mehendi 6940
But impatient enough to start peeling it off before it dried! Hmph!
Divya Mehendi 6953
The color peeping through..
Divya Mehendi6956
Pretty right?
For the people in Bangalore – The intricate patterns are made by Ms. Zaiba Nayeem from

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