My Little moments of perfection

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Every mother knows the magic of that moment.  That moment when you see the 2 pink lines , hear the first heartbeat , feel that first kick, when you meet your child face-to-face for the first time, when you hold your baby in your arms and realize—this brief and precious moment has changed my world forever. I am a Mom!

My Little moments of perfection

Moments of Perfection


I know, people always tell you, having a child was the happiest moment in their life and in hindsight it probably was, but the moment itself for me, really, just felt surreal. I couldn’t believe she was finally there and that she was “mine”. The fact that I was now her mum, was just too big to grasp at that moment, but I did feel this overwhelming sense of responsibility for this tiny little human. I have written about Lil P’s birth story before.. and can’t believe its been 8 years since I first held her in my arms for the very first time.

Along the way, there were many many Little moments of perfection  .. many firsts – that first glimpse of my baby, the first time I held her, kissed her, smelt the babyness off her, nursed her, When she first grasped my finger, when she gave her first smile, that toothless grin, her first baby laugh, her first steps, her first tooth.. and I suddenly realized that she is growing up way too fast. Was there one moment of perfection that defined me as a mum, I don’t believe so. Every  new day makes me watch my daughter in amazement. Makes me wonder where has my little girl gone?

I remembered a poem  – Can I carry you By Brad Anderson and thought I should add my own spin to it..


Can I carry You -poem for my daughter

Having a child is a moment of perfection where your entire life changes forever… hold on tight in your following days of adventure with your little one!


I was invited by Nova IVI Fertility Clinics  to write about my ‘Moments of Perfection’, as part of their #Nova5k campaign

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Nova has endeavored to reach 5000 such Moments of Perfection by working selflessly in delivering 5000 bundles of joy to proud parents, in just 3 years.Through the use of IVF treatment, it gave hope to thousands of women who had difficulty conceiving naturally. They are celebrating this milestone this January by organizing meets with parents who benefited as well as events and press conferences across the country. Nova IVI Fertility Clinics are present in 8 cities across the country – namely Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Jalandhar and Hyderabad. They also have a #Nova5K contest on their facebook page where you can share your little’s one photos in wacky costumes and win flipkart vouchers!


What has been your defining moment of perfection? What went through your head when you first held your baby in your arms? Share your experiences, thoughts & views with us.

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    1. Hello Shruthi,, Its such a lovely post by you. I came across this website few days,, and i truly dont follow any blogs,,,, but your post impressed me a lot,, I too feel very much same these days while holding my 2 year toddler.. Time just flies.. Wish you and little P all the very best 🙂

  1. Beautifully written Shruti !!
    It truly felt surreal.. and the feeling lingered on for days… does so even now at times 🙂