once a mother … always a mother

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On his way back from office yesterday, PC sprained his ankle. Now my man… all of 33 years of age, walks into the house limping with his wife for support only to see his mother sitting there in tears…

Me: What happened??!!!! *Searching frantically for lil p*

MIL: he hurt his leg

Me: *Thank god shez ok* Ohh!! Its ok.. you shouldn’t have been worried.. It’s just a sprain.

MIL: *Totally ignoring me* is it hurting a lot?? .. Ohh!! What happened to u? My poor baby! .. Come sit.. u shud be more careful.. Are u hungry?? Go change ur dress. Do Susu * I swear that’s what she said!!* Do u need help going to the bathroom??

ME: *Enjoying the discomfort on hubby dearest’s face* Shud I pass the wet wipes along too 😉

PC: *glaring*

Hehe! I can be wicked too!!!

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  1. @Meira: she wanted to.. but PC decided to end all the fun and retired to bed early!
    @Priyanka: Welcome back. It sure was fun.
    @EC: hehe Every wife gets her chnace 😉
    @Disha: Yup much better. 🙂 Needs another day or two to completely recover though.
    @Pixie: LOL. ya hes better.

  2. First things first hw is he feeling nw 😛

    ROFL @ the post nw 😉 she did say abt Susu too 😛

    But so true, Once a mother .. always a mother 🙂

  3. That’s is so true. For MILs, their son is always the lil old kid. I have one such in my house too Everytime I call India, I’ll a list of instructions on how to take care of him properly 🙂

  4. LOL:)….I always laugh with my children over this pampering by me, but I always tell them that I would love to see how you treat your children, and I am pretty sure that may not be same hundred percent but more or less this behaviour is not in sync with any particular person..but Mothers:)..and they are same across the continents( see evrybody loves raymond)..and ages:)
    Long comment for the first timer:)

  5. @Swaram : ya! hes all recovered now! 😉 MIl is really sweet.. very protective of her 2 sons.
    @SG : Thanks for your sweet words 🙂 I’m proudly displaying it on my awards page
    @Dil Se : Hehe. its funny..
    @Antaram : I loveeee long comments. and welcome here!! My mom does that to me too.. n I know i’ll do it with Lil P too. Just that I got a chance to rib hubby dearest.. usually he has the upper hand.
    @Lostworld : being married has its advantages 😉
    @TPL: truly aww moment for MIL.. hehe I couldn’t resist teasing PC abt it tho!!

  6. OMG, this is too funny! I thought my husband was the only man whose mom still treats him like he was 5!
    And my teenaged son gnashes his teeth when I do the same … ooops! (I swear it isn’t on purpose. But if my MIL has a 5 year old son then what age should mine be, hmmm?)

  7. @Sunitha : LoL… Yup! you score a point on that 1.
    @Geeta : Ohh she is!! 🙂
    @Sakhi : A wife has to play her words too!! 😉