How to make a Paper Cup Flower Craft – Video Tutorial

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Spend an afternoon with your little ones transforming ordinary paper cups into entertaining craft projects like our Paper Cup Flower Craft. 

You’ve seen our Paper Cup Fairy House Craft & our Paper Cup Snowman Craft, this Paper Cup Flower Craft is way easier & fun to make.

How to Make a Paper Cup Flower Craft – Video Tutorial

The Paper Cup Flower Craft is the perfect craft for kids as a spring kids craft, spring flower craft for kids and flower kids craft.

Supplies for the Paper Cup Flower Craft –

paper Cup Flower Craft 43838 PM

  • Paper Cups
  • Sharpies,
  • Brush Pens
  • Straw
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black Marker

Steps to recreate the craft

Watch the video tutorial –

The first step is to clean the cup in case you are recycling it. Let it dry completely. Don’t worry about any stains or marks as you will anyway be painting over it.

Hold the cup in your hand and cut out thin strips starting at the outer edge till you reach the bottom of the cup. Slowly rotate the cup as you cut so that all sides are cut.
paper Cup Flower Craft1 miniOnce the cup is ready, open the edges to reveal a flower shape. using your finger, slightly pinch at the bottom to secure the edge to stay open.

paper Cup Flower Craft 122613 PM mini

The paper cups have a wax coating so they don’t accept color easily. We used a red sharpie to make some designs. You could totally skip this step and use acrylic paints. Tempera & watercolors don’t stay because of the wax coating.

paper Cup Flower Craft 122632 PM mini

We wanted our flowers to have some shading so we used a pink brush pen to cover the white spaces.

paper Cup Flower Craft 122634 PM mini

Color the center yellow and then add dots using a black marker or permanent markers.

paper Cup Flower Craft 122650 PM mini

Cut out two leaf shapes out of green construction paper and add accents using a green brush pen.

paper Cup Flower Craft 122659 PM mini

Using a hot glue gun, stick them all together.

paper Cup Flower Craft 122706 PM mini

Your Paper Cup Flower Craft is ready.  These DIY Handmade Paper Cup Flowers are the perfect thing to make this Spring or Summer! Make and gift to your friends and loved ones  – craft for kids, perfect for a spring kids craft, spring flower craft for kids and flower kids craft.


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