How to make a Dog & Frog Hand Puppet

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There has been research conducted on the many and varied benefits of using puppets to enhance lessons with preschool and elementary age school children. For kindergarten children, puppets are simple and effective tools for delivering information. Here are two Easy and super cute ideas for making puppets for children for hours of imaginative play

Paper Hand puppets  Dog Frog

hand paper puppets

You’ll need

  1. A4 size Construction paper – Green , pink, black & light brown.
  2. Googly eyes
  3. Glue
  4. Markers – black

I used high quality construction papers. This gives it a good grip due to its thickness. The thicker the better.

For the basic template

  1.  Use Green construction paper.
  2. Place length wise – shorter edge on top and longer edge on side
  3. Fold into 3 parts such that one edge overlaps the other. Glue in place. This resembles a tube
  4. Fold in half with the glued side up.
  5. Fold in half again side such that the glued sides overlap each other.
  6. Repeat at the other side. now the fold should resemble a ‘W’
  7. Glue the ‘V’ of the sides together as shown above
  8. Now  cut 2 pieces in U shape for the eyes .. add details using a marker. Stick in place
  9. stick in the tongue cut in a long U shape cut from a pink construction paper

To make the dog –

  1. Follow the fold as explained above, this time using brown paper
  2. Cut out ears using black paper
  3. and tongue using pink paper
  4. stick, add details using marker .
  5. Stick on googly eyes.

Do try this simple puppet and don’t forget to share your creations.. Many varieties using the same fold can be found on the net. Its a lot of fun..

Happy faces

Paper Hand Puppets frog dog
Making your own puppets at home is easy and comes with the benefit of a fun craft activity followed by the enjoyment of seeing your kids use their imaginations during puppet play. Help your preschooler make their own puppets with these easy step-by-step instructions. Lots of fun to make and even more fun for kids to play with.

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