Paper Plate four seasons craft

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As part of the Weather themed blog hop, Lil P and me  were racking our brains to come up with a weather related craft.. We had some used ( not dirty) paper plates lying in the craft cupboard and decided to make a 4 season recycled season craft …


We cut the paper plates in various shapes.. First the hot sun for summer, then the tulips for spring, Then the rainbow amidst dark clouds for the rainy & finally cut snowflake for winter…

Season craft

We bought these really useful sponge brushes from itsy-bitsy, a craft store nearby.. and then used acrylic colors to paint them.. Lil p was most excited about painting the rainbow.. What do you think???


Here’s the blog-hop linky code … Go ahead, link up your weather related posts here. The linky is open till the end of this month..

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  1. @Priya: Thank you.
    @Shama: 🙂 Lil p is pretend playing with the seasons…
    @Esther: Loved your entry too
    @Maro : Thank you for stopping by.. I hope you enjoy making this craft
    @Swaram: Helooooooooooooooooooooo.. 🙂 Thanks re. Miss ur comments so much. Do posts on YFS pls..