Paper Plate Princess Craft

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Paper Plate Princess Craft

Do you remember the Cardboard castle we made ??  Well the girls wanted a princess to rule the castle. I wanted the princess craft to be easy and decided to use paper plates (again!!)

You’ll Need –

  1. One silver paper plate
  2. One 4″ strip of organza lace (any other lace will do)
  3. Staplers
  4. 1 skin coloured pipe cleaner
  5. Stickers / sequins
  6. 1 Toothpick
  7. A single hole punch
  8. Scissors
  9. 2 way stickers
  10. A princess face cutout. We took a print, you can draw your own too.

  To Make –

    1. Press the paper plate to get the shiny side up.


  • Cut along one radius.



  • Twist to form an inverted cone.



  • Staple in place



  • Using the single hole punch, punch out 2 holes, one on each side for the arms



  • Cut the flesh coloured pipe cleaner in half and string through to form  hands.



  • Paste the Princess face Cutout onto a tooth pick using 2 way sticker.



  • Pierce into the cone at the top to form the neck & face.



  • Embellish her gown with stickers & lace.



Here are our happy faces 🙂

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