Planet Foxers – Embark On An Adventure With Zubin, Sophia And Mahir

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Planet Foxers – Embark On An Adventure With Zubin, Sophia And Mahir. A Book review. With Superheroes, bikes, and superpowers to save Mother Earth, this free book by Firefox, a leading brand of bicycles in India with a wide range of bikes for kids, teens and adults. #EverydayAdventure

Planet Foxers – Embark On An Adventure With Zubin, Sophia And Mahir

Planet Foxers 6098

By: Firefox Bikes
Written by Vasudha Sahgal
Illustrations by Ujan Dutta
Age Range: 5-9
Paperback: 71 pages
What to expect: Superheroes, bikes, and superpowers to save Mother Earth

The Planet Foxers, written by Vasudha Sahgal: is an illustrated children’s book that revolves around the adventures of three 8-year olds, who use their bikes and superpowers to save Mother Earth from evils that lurk all around!

This new series has everything that starts out as a fun, adventurous and enjoyable children’s book. For a start, there are Zubin, Sophia, and Mahir, thirsty for fun and looking for adventure, who quickly find an equally enterprising partner, Uncle Billu. They became friends over their shared enthusiasm for fairy tales and adventure stories!

One day, when out and exploring in their picturesque town, Tilly, they chance upon an extraordinary treasure, 3 magical bikes with powers that can transform them into the PLANET FOXERS, Zunami, Stormyum and Meteorider, our new heroes –looking for justice, looking to help but always looking to have fun!


ZunamiZubin transforms into Zunami with the ability to control waves and water!

As Zunami, Zubin becomes the natural leader of the group as he enjoys solving problems and always has the presence of mind even in the toughest of situations.


Sophia becomes Stormyum with the ability to make cyclones and twisters with her awesome bike!

Athletic with a flair of naughtiness, she is always prepared to clear up any mess and is not daunted by anything.

MeteoriderMahir becomes Meteorider with a bike that spouts fire and has dazzling speed!

He is determined and competitive, and always willing to help get his friends out of trouble.



Then there’s a procession of the animal friends – Maddox the One-Eyed Monkey, Georgy the Giraffe, Peanut the Pig, Okapi and Flames the Flamingo.

Planet Foxers 6102

Put them into an adventure involving threatening Bosses in Black suits, the Sky angel, the Smoggy Monster and Evil men wishing to clear out the forest, mix in environmental awareness, and you have a fun new adventure story.

Vasudha Sahgal brings all the elements together with seemingly effortless ease and there can’t be a young reader in the country who won’t lap this up.

Although the heroes and villains feel familiar, they are not the typical characters that readers might be used to. Delivered in the form of character friendships, Vasudha Sahgal weaves in an important lesson in courage and empowerment: stand up for Mother Earth.

Planet Foxers 6106

It’s a short story and is written in an easy-to-read style with brief chapters that make it a good crossover from comics and graphic novels—reluctant readers should breeze through the pages with no trouble at all and they will enjoy the full-page illustrations scattered throughout.


Download your free copy here

Firefox is the pioneer in the premium segment with a wide range of bikes for kids, teens and adults. With its unique positioning of #EverydayAdventure, it is all about doing routine day to day tasks with your bicycle with a twist of adventure.

Vasudha Sahgal is passionate about travel, food and words. She wrote her first story at the age of 8, about a bunch of friendly witches. Vasudha is a freelance journalist and contributes to various publications. Feel free to drop her a line at @vasudha1 on twitter.

Ujan Dutta is an artist and illustrator from New Delhi. His work has been exhibited in India and abroad and he currently finds himself obsessively dabbling in children’s book illustrations. When he isn’t drawing, he enjoys playing football and watching the best, worst movies in the world.

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