Recycled CD Hippopotamus craft + free printable

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Who doesn’t love a cute hippo? They’re pretty cute, especially the purple ones! For this month’s Craft Challenge the theme was Crafting with a CD. So we re purposed an old CD and turned it into a cute Hippo. Use it as a puppet, to teach Alphabets or as a prop to teach about animals in Africa!

Recycled CD Hippopotamus craft

Recycled cd hippo craft

Its so easy to make and gets ready in under 10 minutes.

Supplies –

Download our free Printable


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  1. Old CD
  2. Our free Printable
  3. Magenta or purple felt
  4. Black Felt
  5. White Foam
  6. Scissors
  7. Tacky Glue
  8. Black Marker

To make our Recycled CD Hippopotamus craft – 


  1. Wipe the old CD clean of any dust or stains
  2. Cut out the pieces from the template and use as stencils
  3. Cut out the Nostrils from black felt using the stencil
  4. Cut out the eyes from white foam.
  5. Using black markers, draw the eye balls.
  6. Cut out the teeth out of white foam
  7. Cut ears & mouth from purple felt.
  8. Using Tacky glue, paste the mouth at the center of the CD being careful to cover the CD hole completely. In our video, I used Hot glue Gun to speed it up. But tacky glue works just as well.
  9. Now stick on the ears.
  10. Next comes the Teeth. Lift the mouth slightly and place the teeth underneath the purple felt snout
  11. Next stick the nostrils as shown in the pic.
  12. and finally the eyes.
  13. You can also optionally attach a stick or a paper straw at the back to use it as a prop.


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