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As part of her Diwali celebrations Lil p had a traditional day at school on Friday. She went dressed in her cotton zari border Langa that I had bought for her for Dussehra.  I had also bought traditional (artificial) jewelery for her to wear. I’m too scared to put gold on her and I’m not that rich either 😉

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The pic is from our trip to my in-laws place for the Dussehra. .. More pics of that trip in a new post soon.

You guys must be aware that I had my first round of training for PMP over the weekend.. This was the first time after 9 years that I was attending a 9AM – 7PM class. But i must appreciate the trainer. He was amazing and kept the class very charged up and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are 2 more days of training  – 29th & 30th and I’m already looking forward to it.This also meant that hubby was taking care of Lil P  on his own from morning till evening. Dad n daughter had a great time. They went to Monkey maze, solved puzzles together.. Lil p loved their play area and the ball pool , monkey wall and something she called the half slide.
Later that evening he also took her to the planetarium. Lil p had been asking to see the moon and see the “earth” from up in the sky.. I’m told, father n daughter enjoyed the day a lot.. On Sunday they went with another family friend of ours to Bangalore Fort .. that was also quite adventurous.. but Lil p hurt her finger a little and there was a deep scratch.. (superficial of course).
She was all fine till she saw me.. happily eating junk food through the day. as soon as she saw me.. she cried buckets saying “mama, my hand is broken” and me n hubby couldn’t stop laughing.Love you my little drama queen.

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  1. You are so right in not letting your daughter wear gold– when mine was smaller I let her wear the traditional silver anklets and there was a spate of stories of unscrupulous thieves using metal hooks to remove them from children feet often injuring the poor child’s feet too-after that I prefer safety to fashion!

  2. same here! i put on artificial jewellery on her that too one which scream fake! why coz i do not want someone to mistake that for gold and take away my child for that. i do not mind losing the jewellery and not my dear one. better be safe than sorry isn’t it.

    The paavadai and sattai is so cute! nice colors too!

  3. I did not remember replying to your comment on my blog inquiring if I take custom orders.

    Of course I do; Love making outfit for kids! i guess you can figure that out from the loads i make for Adithi!