Trip to Hometown

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Lil P was at my mom’s place in Belgaum for her summer holidays. We decided to drive down there and then go for a 5 day trip to Kumta  [ my husband’s hometown] .

The memories from last year were still fresh with Lil P and she was excited about meeting us after 20 days & then meeting her other ajji & ajja. Some pics from our driving trip this year [ June 1st week]

Our route
The beach right across the street
 We spent most time here. Each picture of the beach is from a different day
We are quite lucky to have such a gorgeous beach just 100 meters from our home.  Its clean, untouched and a private retreat. 
DSC05650 1






DSC05398 1






The mantap / wedding hall where we were married 6 years ago
with a beach on one side and a coconut groove  on the other


My MIL is pretty religious and it seemed to have rubbed off on Lil P during her visit. She would start praying at every picture that she saw of a god / goddess. And in small towns each home would have over a hundred pics. 

Sending this to Patty’s weekend Wrap up – 35


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  1. Wow! thats super nice…you have a private beach *gasp* and you got married in that place next to the beach *Gasp(er)*

    I loved lil’P’s photo..she seems taller suddenly πŸ™‚

  2. Great pictures shruti! What a pretty locale to exchange wedding vows at. And your lil girl’s photo is sweet. Thanks for the varnish tip, need to buy it and do it πŸ™‚

  3. @Emreen:Thank you. The place was beautiful
    @AS: Ya! Really lucky that my In laws decided to retire in such a beautiful place.
    @BC: haha Lil p isn’t devout. I guess the influence made her that way.
    @Deepa: my favs too πŸ™‚
    @R’s mom: Lil P has grown taller.
    @Ambika: Thanks

  4. Woww!! I want to visit this place:)
    And Agree with R’s Mom.. Li’l P looks taller and her hair has grown too!

  5. What a lovely time you had!! for sure!! You little one is such a sweet heart…

    This place is lovely… looks untouched… πŸ™‚ I’d love to go away for a short break!!

  6. @Trish : Sab mummy ki den hai.. she goes to my mom’s for a month and comes back – taller, stronger and heavier πŸ˜€
    abt her hair… she refuses to cut them. have been growing them for a year now.
    @Neha: Thank you πŸ™‚ The pics don’t do justice to the place.
    @Sands: Clean is the key. Its a pleasure to look at a beach – complete litter & plastic free.
    @patty: You can check out OM beach, Gokarna, Murdeshwar which have decent resorts. Kumta is enroute.
    @Sanghamitra: Welcome here. πŸ™‚
    @Nayana: Hey.. thanks

  7. Each of those pictures is like a picture postcard.. beautiful. And the place you got married… perfect.
    BTW I’m terribly envious of the fact that Lil P agrees to stay with her grandparents… how wonderful is that.